Salary processing is undoubtedly one of the tedious HR functions and HR people all across the world endure from this dilemma. The situation becomes more distressing when it comes to manual payroll processing.

In addition, outsourcing payroll is definitely not a viable thing to do. So, what would be the ideal solution here? Can a cloud based payroll management system turn in as the savior for the human resource department in handling their salary processing?

The answer is ‘yes’ and read further to know how a cloud based payroll software can mitigate the hassles of manual and/or paper-based payroll processing.  Below are some of the key benefits of cloud payroll software; take a look-

  • Companies can pay off employees accurately and on-time and motivate them to work with a positive mindset for a company
  • Offers an economical solution to the cumbersome paper-based work and free up the massive storage space
  • Secures employee and payroll related data onto the cloud
  • Saves time and efforts of the human resource team
  • Best way to get relief from regulatory aspects
  • Multiple report-generation with just few clicks
  • Decreases payroll redundancies to a great extent in no time
  • Integrates well with other HR systems like attendance management system, leave management software, etc.
  • Instant access to the necessary information makes this laborious task a piece of cake.

So, these are few prominent advantages of implementing cloud based payroll software. It not only automates payroll processes but also simplifies this laborious payroll chore. Its wide range of features based on taxation and payroll makes this system ideal for all businesses, irrespective of employee base and industry type.

Companies need to understand manual salary processing is prone to incorrect and/or delay payroll resulting in an unhappy workforce for an employer. And, organizations certainly wouldn’t want to make employees dissatisfied. Hence, switch to cloud based payroll software as it automates the whole process, including statutory compliance duties.

Our payroll software is available at affordable cost and it is extremely easy to use and simple to implement. The system has a very user-friendly dashboard to work on and all functionalities present is easy to operate. Hence, payroll processing is no more a big challenge for HR staff.

This is the right time for businesses to switch from traditional payroll methods to new-age payroll techniques as the number of remote employees is increasing. The right payroll management system in fact offers you a good return on investment.

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