‘Living Death’ – This is what I call to what happens to the marketing people when they are surrounded by three walls and expected to be creative enough to submit the best result. Oxymoron! Isn’t it? We tend to deliver thoughts through our work and perform as a result of our surroundings. So, how could anyone create great ideas in that cubicle?

Anyways, you do not need to brood anymore! Credit goes to the new culture being adopted at companies viz. ‘remote working’. There are only fewer companies, which have not come up to such an idea, but most have. As a result, employees working for such companies have the allowance to work from home (at some conditions).

So, why waste more time? Have a look at some gigs of marketing, which you would rather perform from home itself-

  • Affiliate marketing

For those who are new to the term – Promoting one’s brand means affiliate marketing. You can promote their product or service through your website (if you own any), emails, social media platforms, or any means. You can initiate with affiliations through the respective column available on business’ website viz. affiliate policy.

It is a rapidly spreading business owned by individuals, which earns you money when a buyer makes a purchase through your provided link. Suitable enough to be run through your home itself. Do you doubt the earnings? This is for you – More than 3 percent of affiliates make over 500k dollars a year. What else we need?

  • Content marketing

Here comes one of the coolest jobs available in the world. Also ranked above chocolate tasting job. Isn’t it interesting? Content marketers and bloggers create new contents with their new ideas based on the resources available on the internet. It involves crafting promotional content for websites or any channel. Nevertheless, where is the need to sit in a cubicle? I do not see any!

It just needs a good understanding of their audience and create content accordingly, which links to a service or product along with some proven amount of experience in the field.

  • Email marketing

Another work-from-home based marketing – Email marketing. It involves designing attractive and eye catchy templates for emails, which need to be forwarded to the target audience to get leads. The designers or the email marketers know very well how to prepare an attractive email enough to grab attention and get clicks at least. Therefore, if you wish to sit home and get some real earnings by doing simple marketing job, this is for you.

  • Social media handling

Marketing via social media platforms – Also a good choice of home-based marketing related job. Promoting contents or product (and services) directly through social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Posts on these platforms include updates about a particular business, recent blogs, releases or memes.

Finding some home-based jobs in this domain is not that tough. Starting social media handling duty for a business from home is a good choice.

Final words-

There are a few conditions if you wish to start with remote working- You should have a good amount of experience in particular field. Proven success with some sharp skills is what you need to have for beginning all on yourself.

Also, you do not need to worry about the accounting of your worked hours if the firm includes a time tracking like a tool at their base. Automatic employee management will eliminate any doubts with smooth functioning.

Apart from the jobs/gigs discussed above, there is a ton of marketing jobs available to do from your remote location. They include SEO, analyst, copywriter, and so on. Even better if you hold a marketing background. You can find such jobs easily.

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