10-Step Guide to finding the Perfect HRMS Soulmate

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Perfect HRMS Soulmate
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Every HRMS solution is different from the other. As such, a particular solution’s traits or modules may differ from the other. It all boils down to a company’s need and preferences.


Surprisingly, choosing an HRM software is a lot like picking a soulmate at least for a majority of business owners.  You ought to ensure that it is a good match for your business.


An HRMS software rests at the intersection of human resource management and information technology helping businesses in several HR responsibilities like attendance management, leave tracking, payroll processing, etc.


With a plethora of software vendors and providers out there, there are ample number of fishes in the HRMS ocean. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, every suite is different from the other, which is the reason it is imperative to ensure that the solution fits your business culture and needs.


Here’s your quick guide to choosing the most apt HRMS software for your business:


     1. Determine and set your company’s budget, time and needs

Yes, evaluation is the key here. Determine whether you have the required resources for the project. Identify your company’s human resource management needs for the present and future as well. Research about various software vendors and providers. Engage with tech consultants to help you find the perfect match. You may even create a request for proposal or RFP wherein you can request for software demos.



     2. Pay heed to vendor protocols and policies

What if the solution has technical glitches? What if it has compatibility issues with other business process solutions used in your organisation? You certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck amidst nowhere. This is the reason it is advisable to understand the ins-and-outs of each vendor’s technical support policies.



     3. Solicit reviews and suggestions from your HR personnel and other employees

After all, these are the people, who will be utilising the system, right? Ask what they would prefer to have and what they wouldn’t prefer to have in the desired HCM software. Can they use it comfortably on daily basis?



     4. Hold Q&A sessions with your people

It is imperative for everyone in the organisation to have a good knowledge about the new system to be rolled out. And, this is where training comes into picture. Experts suggest companies to host a couple of training as well as Q&A sessions before going live.



     5. Create some hype

Get your people excited! Though there would always be resistance to change, make sure your people are excited and eager to try their hands on the new system. After all, your people ought to be happy, as they are the ones who will be using the system day in day out. Humans always fear change and thus, you ought to make the transition process smooth and exciting. This can be achieved by communicating with your people on a regular basis.



     6. Keep your data handy

The process will be smooth and swift if you keep all your data and documents handy before making the final move. Here, make sure to audit the data on a periodic basis before taking it to the final phase.



     7. Talk with your vendor

Yes, communicating with your software vendor is the key. Keep in touch with the vendor or provider even if things are smooth and going as expected.



     8. Define the scope of work

After you decide on a software, make sure that you talk about the scope of work that you intend to achieve with the help of that solution with your vendor. Here, define all your key HR processes that you would want the system to manage.



     9. Always keep abreast

Without fail, ask the vendor for updates and upgrades before you sign on the dotted line. Is the system upgradable or scalable to suit your company’s growing needs?



     10. All that glitters is not gold

Yes, this adage holds true when it comes to choosing an HRMS solution. Though a solution might appear a perfect match at the first sight, it may not be essentially fit for your organisation.


All this while, the most important goal is to have an efficient and user-friendly HRMS solution that can make your HR department more functional and productive.


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