Great Employees don’t Stick for Free Coupons!

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Today, almost all companies shower their employees with a range of amazing perks and that includes free food, coupons, work from the home provision, increments, etc.


Though it is good to offer such perks to employees, unfortunately, many organizations have a misconception that the key to employee retention and satisfaction is providing them with free stuff. Yes, free perks are great but note that great employees don’t stick to a company simply because of these benefits alone.


In fact, great employees are driven by three primary things namely, opportunity, environment, and responsibility.


Employee turnover undoubtedly is a huge turn-off for any company especially for the HR department of that organization, as they ought to face several challenges.


So what is it that makes great employees call it to quit? Here are a few common and most cited reasons.


  • They don’t get respect

A job might be lucrative in terms of pay, but not getting the deserving respect at your workplace can be a huge spoilsport. This is cited to be one amongst the worst workforce management practices provoking great employees to walk out of the company.



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  • If the company fails to develop a community

Every company ought to put in efforts to develop a stronger community. Here, HR management and other senior managers ought to be the key players. Failing to do so results in employees of the company losing trust in the management end up quitting their jobs. This calls for optimum employee engagement.



  • If they feel exhausted

Another worst management practice is stressing the employees beyond the limits. Overburdening your employees with loads of work on a regular basis is about asking them to quit. Thus, management ought to ensure that no employee feels overburdened or tortured when at work. This requires the managers especially HR managers to be generous and friendly.



  • When the wrong ones get promoted

An incompetent and disorganized hiring process is sure to take a huge toll on a company’s future and its growth. On the other hand, promoting wrong employees is a huge turn-off for all the good employees, who deserve it leading them to quit eventually.


So you see, the most common reasons why great employees quit are mainly about bad or incompetent management practices.


Thus, it’s not about those free coupons always that make an employee stick with a company for long.



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