7 Ways to get your Employees Creative at work without spending a Fortune

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Today, we are no more standing on the threshold of Social media, where we needed to literally just spam our audiences. With the ever-changing interests and tastes of audience, companies too have evolved and are coming up with novel ways to woo their audience.


This has given rise to more creative content being floated out on various online and offline platforms. While the window of the audience’s attention is very small, the challenge to constantly produce creative content has turned grim. In times where competition and insecurity are  omnipresent, how will you make sure that your team is constantly motivated and creative whilst preventing the onset of employee burnouts?


Being creative is not an easy job!


Having a highly motivated team is quite critical for the overall success of a company.


Here are some ideas that can help you to get those creative juices flowing out of your employees while staying motivated at the same time:


     1. Why can’t we all just get along together? If not, we could get lost!

Trekking is a great way for people to get along and work as a team. A weekend trek to the nearby hills could help evoke a sense of adventure among your employees.

However, trekking is not only a sport, as It could also mean a picnic. Yes, a safari ride in the national park or simply going out for a game of bowling can lift the spirits real high.



    2. Most of the workplace conflicts arise due to a difference in opinion and inability to resolve it

Conflict resolution helps a team leader or a manager to deal with the root cause of the problem. It helps leaders to understand the employees in a much better way. Conflict resolution also helps build a strong and efficient team.



      3. Time for play!

Yes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Games help invoke a feeling of competitiveness and are incredible stress-busters as well. They help employees stay positive, if not positive, at least in staying active. Games also help them bond with each other. Video games encourage people to think and thus serve as thinking stimuli.



      4. A smile costs less than electricity and brightens your day as well.

Leaders must encourage employees to maintain healthy and cordial relationships with co-workers. Most importantly, it would not hurt to smile at your co-workers, isn’t it?



      5. Imparting skills training

Employees must be encouraged to acquire more knowledge in their field of expertise for consistent growth and career development. Refining work only increases efficiency of their skillsets. It also reduces the amount of time taken by an employee to perform a particular task.



     6. Are you really educated? Do you have a degree to prove it?

Education can never run out of fashion. It may seem boring at first, but it certainly opens the doors for a fat paycheck and promotion. Certifications and degrees could help employees improve their market value.

Degrees not only improve the scope of an employee within the firm, but also helps him/her stick with the company for long run. Talk about employee retention problems. There is simply no reason for an employee to say no to further degrees.



     7. Some Entertainment please

Encouraging employees to explore their talents helps them develop their overall personality.

Also, it would be incredibly unhealthy for a person to only work and not pursue his/her talents/hobby minus a social life. And besides, it would not hurt to have a dancer or a stand-up comedian in the team. Nobody would mind a little entertainment.



Conclusion: How could we keep our employees motivated!

Simply having an expensive coffee maker won’t do the trick here. Although that could help significantly!

Work does not have to be boring. It can be fun at the same time. Although, not as much fun as Kayaking of course Fact is that, work might feel monotonous, but the approach could be modified. Variety is the spice of life! Even Chicken Tandoori for MOST PEOPLE would seem bland if consumed every single day. With a few fun activities like a game of charades, a board game or maybe just some good food or maybe just both at the same time could do the trick!


Finally, optimism, a positive attitude towards work, an occasional raise in salary and most importantly, giving them space could definitely help employees stay motivated and creative.


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