Legacy or entry-based payroll systems often fail to manage all the queries and concerns of employees, grievances etc. They lacked the quintessential employee self service portal.

However, with the advancement in web technology, we have cutting-edge IT solutions and systems such as cloud based payroll software to simplify and automate the strenuous process of payroll. Most importantly, these software solutions come with employee self service portal that allows a great deal of liberty to employees whilst saving a significant amount of time and efforts for HR personnel.

Here are some of the key benefits of having a well-integrated payroll software with employee self service portal:

Access Salary slips and other HR letters and much more anytime, anywhere:

Every employee receives salary slip each month, but it often used to be a hard copy. Thus, losing it is really easy. Employee self service portal or app allows easy and swift access to salary slips for employees right from their handheld devices and on the go. Soon after processing the payroll, the software generates and uploads payslips on the portal automatically. Thus, making lives a lot easier for payroll processors and HR staff, as there is no need to create and email the slips to employees. Whereas, employees on the other hand, can access and download payslips on the move per their convenience and at any time.

Since slips are available 24×7, employees no more need to depend on HR crew for not only payslips, but also for other stuffs like offer letters, appointment letters, increment letters etc. With all the crucial employee payroll records and other HR letters easily available to employees, HR department can save a great deal of time and resources.

Updated employee data

Employees many times fail to fill in their employment forms accurately or forget to update their details. In such cases, the organisation is left with outdated employee information, which may be in the form of bank details, residential, or personal details etc. Employee self service allows employees to update such information without the need to disturbing any HR executives. Employees simply ought to log in into the portal to access, update or modify their personal details on the go. Empowering employees became a lot easier!

Disciplinary Management

With employee self service portal, it is also possible to manage employee grievances. This helps employees save time, as they don’t need to leave their desks to take up their issues with the HR/payroll teams. Typically, resolutions happens over email and quickly. This makes employee self service portal highly user-friendly and time-saving system.

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