Email has become a staple when it comes to business communications. It is the most preferred tools used at workplaces for varied communication purposes, be it the human resources department, managers, marketing people, everyone uses it. Email since its inception has traversed a long way and is now available in various formats such as loops, threads, one to many, many to many and so on. Work and email are inseparable. As a matter of fact, it has become a part and parcel of every employee’s life.

Employees not only exchange instant information or execute basic work with the help of emails, but also perform transactions and other crucial tasks on email. This is why email has become an important channel to communicate and transact for businesses.

However, it is not same when it comes to communication between the human resources department of a company and its employees. It certainly is a dreary and tiring task to draft those mails for employees amidst the heat of their ongoing tasks. This eats up a lot of time for both employees as well as HR personnel in drafting and replying to these emails.

So what could be the perfect resort here? Pocket HRMS is a next-gen and fully cloud based HR solution that comes with seamless employee self service portal.

Yes, the employee self service portal from Pocket HRMS helps to skip the emailing option for sending requests for leaves, receiving payslips, PF details, taxation information, Loan info etc. It allows the users to have secured access through their handheld devices on the go. Available on both Windows and Android platforms, it is easy to use.

So now sending leave requests for employees as well as accepting or rejecting the same for HR personnel is no more a tedious task, since it can be done at the click of a button. Eureka, attendance management becomes a total cakewalk, no more payroll redundancies and attendance discrepancies.

Pocket HRMS makes the entire process of communication between HR and employees transparent and swift.

To learn more about how Pocket HRMS can ease lives of HR and employees at your organization whilst improving productivity and operational efficiency, reach us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or send us your query at


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