Employee Self-service App: Empower your Employees

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Pocket HRMS is an all-inclusive and robust cloud based HR software aimed at SMEs and startups all across India. The suite is equipped with a good number of powerful features to help simplify and automate the various cumbersome and onerous HR operations.


Apart from unmatched mobility, flexibility, formula based deduction and earning, cloud based time / attendance tracking, user defined MIS reports and best-in-class platform (Microsoft’s Azure) for data security, the most appealing feature is that of Employee Self Service portal offered by Pocket HRMS.


This article will throw light on Pocket HRMS’s Employee Self-Service portal on how it can empower employees at your organisation and alleviate a great deal of burden from the shoulders of HR professionals.



Seamless Employee Self Service App

Yes, Pocket HRMS helps to empower your employees with the uber-friendly Employee Self-Service App available on both Windows and Android play store.


Let your employees to update, manage and view their details, so that you don’t have to! The self-service app facilitates employees to view as well as edit their details on the go giving them the much-needed liberty to apply for day-offs, download payslips, check leave balances, PF and TDS details and much more from anywhere and anytime 24×7. This shuns away a great amount of stress and onus from HR professionals as well as saves them time.


Here is a quick run-down on some of the key features of Pocket HRMS’s self-service app:

  • Dynamic reimbursement components
  • Pay info (PF, loan and salary details)
  • Payslips
  • Increment information
  • Gross and net pay details for each salary
  • Notifications for salary credits, company news, updates etc.
  • TDS worksheets
  • Availability status check tab
  • Leave tracking
  • Email alert for claims rejection with reasons
  • Full and final settlement details
  • Detailed breakdown of all the taxes and deductions paid
  • Employee history info
  • Liberty to access and update personal info such as change of contact number, address or emergency contact, training, certification and experience/history details


Why employee self service app?

Businesses especially start-ups and SMEs encounter the challenges of addressing the skyrocketing employee expectations. Though addressing queries and requests put forth by employees is a good thing to retain a motivated and contended workforce, but it comes with a cost because these requests are of diverse nature and thus, each query requires a distinct approach or response.


With employee self service app from Pocket HRMS, you empower your employees to browse for the desired information on their own with only a few swipes on their mobile phones or other handheld devices. This way, businesses can get rid of erroneous, inefficient and tedious processes to manage employee queries. Also, the app helps you go paperless and thus, assists reduce your company’s carbon footprint to a great extent.


Most importantly, since employees get to put forth their queries or requests directly into the system directed at the concerned authoritative or person, it frees up your HR professionals from the cumbersome process of doing the same through paperwork. The time saved can be devoted in other strategic functions.


Pocket HRMS’s employee self service app helps automate and simplify HR operations. The results are faster decision-making, improved employee satisfaction and cost saving. Lastly, it is an excellent tool to foster contended and happy employees for any business. Since it makes human resource management paperless, it is a fantastic initiative towards creating an eco-friendly business environment.


To learn more about how Pocket HRMS’s employee self service app can nurture happy employees at your company mail us at sales@pockethrms.com


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