To fight against this exponentially growing pandemic – COVID-19, India on the latest 15th April announced its second phase of lockdown i.e. Lockdown 2.0. Whereas, MHA has issued some guidelines for this new phase. Read the guidelines here – MHA guidelines Lockdown 2.0!

Companies would see some allowances in working from office form 20th April 2020. Some of them say, IT companies and some other industries can work with up to 50 percent workforce strength from their workplace, conditions some preventive measures to be followed. Read the IT industry guidelines!

A lot of companies can operate from the assigned date if they abide by the released guidelines of MHA. Workplace owners and employers must take necessary precautions like temperature monitoring for employees for tracking their health condition. Also, adequate arrangements like sanitizers at reach, promoting staircase usage, avoiding lifts, cleaning at frequent time gaps, and hydration must be looked after.

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Social distancing is the all-time solution. Companies need to ensure that there are no people gatherings in any corner of the premises and avoid board meetings with large number of people. If you work in shifts, make sure there is at least an hour break amidst shifts.

While working in cubicles, try to maintain a gap of 2 meters between 2 employees. Avoid making any type of contacts throughout working in office or while outside. Wearing gloves might be a good idea, if possible.

Frequent sanitization if taps and coffee machines should be practiced. Visit of outsiders must be banned till things get normal.

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Disclaimer: This post is not an advisory for organizations and individuals. Please visit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – and Ministry of Home Affairs for latest guidelines.


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