Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on Business and HR [Must Read]

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The pandemic of COVID-19 has put an acceleration to the work style i.e. remote working (working from home to be precise). Nearly every company today is functioning from home. The employees need to sit and virtually connect to their colleagues and deliver.


Now, there are many reports that say employees have been complaining about being isolated and missing the emotional connection with the team and therefore work. There are a lot more challenges and benefits brought to the business due to coronavirus pandemic.


Today, in this blog, we will be learning what better revamps and initiatives would be taken at the workplace post COVID-19 outbreak. Listed below are some of our thoughts:


  • Surge in Flexible working

The first solution to the companies, working from home was practiced by nearly every worker out there. Now, with arising benefits like better productivity, more working hours, better work-life balance, etc. companies can be seen staying with it. Work from home can stay here even after the pandemic has come to an end due to benefits for both the parties (employer and employee).



  • Cloud-based HR solution

Organizations will be seen opting for better online HRMS solutions which can provide dedicated modules for processing payroll for remote workers, timesheet management, performance appraisal, online attendance tracking, and much more.


Such online solutions help workplaces survive best during remote workforce management.



  • Training employees for Virtual meets

Sudden lockdown and need to work from home, raised challenges like keeping the teams connected and weekly meetings. When things get back normal, HR people would be providing training to their people on how to have virtual meets and what tool would be right to eliminate maximum disturbances at talks.


Along with the predictions made above, housing more freelancers and hourly workers would be seen at companies.


Businesses need to be always ready for such situations and the right solutions are not far. Learn more about how your company can solve the workforce management challenges with Pocket HRMS. Read our HR management blogs here.



Also, share your thoughts here – sales@pockethrms.com


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