Digital Tsunami: What’s in it for the HR?

Digital Tsunami
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Digital Tsunami: What’s in it for the HR?

We have stepped into a new era i.e., the Digital Era of business, a world that is radically changing the way we have been doing business and managing people. Digital technology trends have dramatically altered our societies, lives and experiences at work. These changes that affect organisations worldwide are coupled with a fresh and new breed of workforce (millennials), which is extremely demanding, mobile and diverse in terms of culture, age, gender, etc.


Human resource personnel play a pivotal role here, as they ought to adapt to these changes swiftly. And for a business to deal with all the organisational changes, it should have some form of digital technology at its core.


Now with millennials dominating more than half of workforce generation today, HRs ought to embrace and adapt to technological advancements to satiate burgeoning business requirements and employee expectations.


This is what industry experts refer to us the ‘Digital Tsunami’. Here’s what the digital tidal wave has in store for the HR:



     1. Play smart with Big Data

Mitigating statutory risks and compliances are undoubtedly two core practices for any human resource department. These have infamously earned HRs the reputation for being sluggish with loads of paperwork.


Nevertheless, technology has come as a boon for HRs via new and cutting HR platforms and solutions that digitize much of the data an HR needs to process. For instance, technology provides HR personnel access to Big Data, which is dynamically influencing the way businesses have been understanding their customers, audiences, and communicating with people.


So, why it’s time for HR to get their heads into Big Data? Here are few advantages of doing so:

  • It offers facts-based view of your entire workforce and helps identify emerging patterns.
  • It offers great insights into employees by evaluating and monitoring historical data.
  • Big Data analytics enable recruiters to evaluate potential candidates basis of real data to help make sound hiring decisions rather than going with gut feelings when recruiting.
  • Predictive analytics on the other hand helps in risk management. For instance, it can help identify problem employees or the underperformers well ahead of time.


     2. Cloud: The new soulmate of HR

Cloud is another prominent tech trend that is taking HR by a storm. Both storing and collecting data have been a staple for HR and until cloud came into picture, it was all about heaps of files, hard drives, desk drawers and filing cabinets. This resulted in lots of problems such as data loss, messed up workplaces, security issues and inefficiency.


Today, the inception of cloud based HRMS software has enabled HR professionals to store all the essential data on cloud servers. All your key HR data and other files can be accessed easily online whilst data can be accumulated and analysed through automated processes. As most of the HRMS solutions today come with employee self service portals that allow employees to access and update their details on the go without ringing up the HR’s department. They can check their pay and tax details, apply for leaves, check attendance, etc., all from their smartphones.


Big Data and cloud based HRMS solutions go hand-in-hand. All the data can collectively offer actionable insights. Also, cloud makes it very easy to limit access to the information and at the same time, mobile platforms enable individuals to access data on the run.


Imagine a scenario where your employees would no longer require drafting an e-mail to the HR department questioning paycheck or benefits. Instead, he/she can directly log into the portal and get all the needed information.


Yes, mobile payroll apps make it very easy for employees to access such data from any place and anytime. This makes lives easier for HRs as well.




Despite the whooping impact caused by the Digital Tsunami, several businesses still haven’t initiated the much-needed shift to modern-day and advanced HR solutions, but it’s only a matter of time. As we venture into the future of digitization at workplace, HR is sure to witness some exciting times. We can look forward to more connected employees, cloud storage, greater transparency, improved insights and a lot more.



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