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Digital HR
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We are stepping into a completely new Digital world, which is radically changing our lives, our experiences at workplaces, and societies. On the other hand, changes affecting businesses in every nook and corner of the world are accompanied by the new-gen of the workforce, which is extremely diverse in terms of culture, age, gender, etc., demanding, mobile, and are the drivers of the Internet of Things (IoT).


Moreover, innovative new systems, tools, and technologies are proving to be flavourful additions for the HR. In fact, HR technology is witnessing its greatest time ever in the form of fuelling the ecosystem of new tools for hiring, performance management, employee engagement, feedback, etc.



Let us look at the new and brave world of HR: Digital HR

Today, technology is everywhere and smartphones, location trackers, sensors and wearables drive our lives. In fact, we spend a huge chunk of our time interacting with digital applications; we are being closely monitored by digital devices and are influenced by recommendations that are highly driven by analytics and automation.


This is how the digital life is persuading to revive HR from all angles i.e., what tools to utilize, how we communicate and engage with employees, etc.



Cloud-based HR solutions would garner immense acceptance rates

Yes, the revolutionary paradigm shift from traditional or legacy HR solutions toward mobile and cloud-based HCM solutions would accelerate in the coming years.


These solutions are turning out to be a boon for HR personnel when it comes to processing payroll and other key HR operations.



Talent management would be a different ballgame altogether

Whilst businesses these days are constantly on the lookout for ways or tools to revive talent management, technology would be playing a pivotal role in reshaping the way we manage employees. With millennials and highly connected people dominating the workforce these days, there is a dire need for having agile and mobile employee management tools for HR people to keep up with the pace.


This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) can prove to be a great game-changer for HR.



Data-driven and analytical decisions would take center stage

This is turning out to be the focal point of an HR’s life. Internet of Things and Big Data technology would be assisting employers and HR personnel across the business of diverse verticals to manage the workforce in a more streamlined and efficient manner, track performance, generate detailed HR MIS reports, improve workplace culture, reward the employees, curb compliance problems, and a whole lot of other things.


Businesses lacking an analytics tool should get one today to better harness and interpret the data about their employees.


To conclude, we can say that Digital HR is here to stay and it’s for the betterment of businesses, employees, and HR personnel. It’s time to sit and watch how HRs and businesses fare in this game.



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