Differently hiring: What’s so buzzing about this?

Differently hiring: What’s so buzzing about this?

Differently hiring: What’s so buzzing about this?

Today when we talk about diversity in hiring, are we talking about hiring differently abled people? Hiring differently. Sounds interesting! Right? Stay with us and we bet, by the end of this article, this will sound like ‘Great’.

Before we start with the real deal behind hiring this untapped pool of talent at your workplace, let me share some names of workplaces that are already ahead and are hiring the differently abled. Did you ever come across such workplaces where you saw any specially-abled employee?

There are many in the retail industry. Yes, there are companies that employ the differently-abled and even have simple and easy guidelines helping the customers communicate with these employees via sign language too.

If you are not considering it, here is why you should now:

  • Compassionate environment: An integrated workplace is one of the prominent benefits of having differently abled people at your workplace. Thus, promoting a careful and compassionate environment with a hope of change in human work culture giving equal opportunities to everyone.
  • Stronger bonding among team members: It is an untold truth that a person with disabilities tends to be more loyal than others. As a result, other people in the office easily blend with them thus creating even stronger bonds between them. This creates a strong and more engaged workforce.

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  • Reduced employee turnover: Considering all the above points, it can be said that that people with disabilities are more loyal and hard working. So chances are less that they will leave the organization unexpectedly. Eventually giving rise to less expenses on any new hiring like training costs. This saves money and time.
  • Become socio-responsible: After you recruit a differently abled employee, people will recognize your company as socio-responsible, which maintains a good balance between economy and ecosystem. Getting involved in social activities gives you a good brand image thus, building your brand in market. In simple terms, it wins you good respect in society – the ultimate goal for a successful business.

We need to look beyond boundaries and limitations to forma a holistic environment where employees feel nourished and look forward to come to. Every company must be involved in such activities and build a better workplace for their employees.

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