You were called up for an interview and it went fantastic. Now, you are waiting for the HR to contact you with their decision (maybe positive). But, the issue is that a week or two has passed. It’s longer than you expected. You have started worrying about the worst! Why? The reason – could be anything!

There are a lot of possible reasons your HR manager or boss-to-be must have not contacted you yet. So, lets no more waste time and start with the reasons your future HR manager has not made up to you till date-

  • You might not be the only one-

Obviously! Often the interviews are scheduled for more than 1 candidate to not waste their own time interviewing candidates on separate days. Hence, for top companies like Wipro, L&T, Tata, etc. a larger pool of candidates could be seen on the same date.

So, rather being impatient for the HR’s call, give them time. They might be on the verge to complete with analyzing the performance of all candidates and be reaching you in any time.

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  • Maybe ‘you’ are un-reachable-

The contact details like your email id or contact number might not be working. Maybe your contact number you mentioned on your CV has some typo or maybe you forgot mentioning it. What’s next? Contact them. If this is the reason, contacting your HR might help you out.

Note- Keep yourself reachable. See that your cell phone network is good enough to be contacted. Mention a ‘working email ID’ on the CV.

  • Speech is silver, silence is gold-

What the phrase delivers? Being silent sometimes is worthier. Companies often hesitate to call the candidate and tell them that their educational qualifications or internships/previous experience don’t match the job description. The HRs feel bad

So, they better try to close all the possible communications by simply ghosting the candidate.

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The Lesson-

Try finding out the real reason behind the HR ghosting a candidate. Make sure you are available to the HR after your interview process. Read the job description carefully and tailor your CV and yourself accordingly. Whatever may be the outcome, you don’t need to worry or back out. Learn from it, rise thereafter.

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