4 Common Myths about Changing Your Career Exposed

Myths about Changing Your Career
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When the thought of career change strikes in our head, what we say to our inner self at the point of time can act as a psychological hindrance diverting us from our goals. If you are someone who has been there and done that already, you can quite relate to the dilemma out here.


Though there has been a major change in the work industry, now it is mostly dominated by the Millennials, who don’t settle for just anything. Gone are the days when people used to start out their career with one job and stick it out till their retirement. There are a lot of concerns that might go through an employee’s mind if they are thinking about a swing to another company.


For instance, you always aspired to work in the art industry, but with the management degree and the need to pay those piling up bills, you fell into a job just the opposite of what you wanted. Do you find yourself knee-deep into those spreadsheets surrounded by cabinets?


If yes, then you might possibly be experiencing a career change crunch. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths surrounding career change entrapping millions out there. This article aims to debunk four such common myths:


  • I will need to start from scratch!

This is one of the ubiquitous myths when the career change seems to be a tad opposite. Yes, there are possibilities that you might have to start from the bottom with thin pay, but the skills you may have garnered over the years of your professional life are certainly invaluable and would stay with you. By developing good relationships with your managers, you shall find it smooth to move laterally in the company as and when the opportunity arises. In other words, learn how to be your boss’s apple of the eye. Utilize your contacts, solicit advice and grab opportunities to prove your proficiencies and passion.



  • I can only play with my career once!

Pressuring yourself to make a sound decision will actually thwart you from making any decision at all. Changing careers multiple times is no crime and it won’t drown you either. However, always understand the importance of dealing with people, identifying their demands, and ways to assist them. Unfortunately, only a handful of folks actually know where the chosen careers will land them. Thus, the very basic thing is to figure out your interests and understand your skill-sets before hunting for that dream job.



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  • I’ll never be able to surpass my peers!

The fact is that you are more likely to prosper in something that you enjoy doing and are interested in. At some point in life, you might step down, but this doesn’t mean that you will stay behind. Make sure that your vision and ideas are well heard in your new role and in no time, you shall take off like never before overtaking your peers.



  • I don’t have the time to requalify myself!

It is true that some vocations need qualifications, which might require one to invest extensive time and finance. Though this is a big commitment, several people have managed to fit in coming out with flying colors. Of course, it takes dedication and time, but it is definitely not an impossible feat to achieve. If you have that burning desire and the x-factor, you will find the time to pursue your dreams.




A change in career is sure to incur loads of challenges and there may be times when you will find yourself stuck in a rut. Avoid emphasizing much on the change, but in fact, perceive this as an exciting expedition and you shall make it. So the moment you find your interest and passion making a paradigm shift, it’s a sign to seek out and dole out a new chapter.



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