As the lockdown will continue to remain in force till May 3 to control the spread of coronavirus, but the central government has announced a list of economic activities which will be allowed to continue after April 20. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued guidelines regarding the same.

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Now, economic activities related to construction, IT, agriculture and industrial units in the SEZs and rural areas must start preparing their workplace safe for their workers. After all, your staff is the most important part or your company and hence, their well-being is also essential.

During this coronavirus outbreak, ‘workplace sanitization’ is vital to lessen the chances of employees to acquire viral infections. Companies can prepare sanitation standards in order to keep office space hygienic as there’s a difference between clean and disinfecting.

Below are 9 essential tips for workplace sanitization, take a look:

  • Regularly clean surfaces, objects and all areas in the premises with disinfectant.
  • Promote regular and thorough hand-washing by employees. Display poster and /or screensavers promoting hand-washing!
  • All vehicles and machinery entering the premise should be disinfected by spray mandatorily.
  • Keep sanitizer at prominent places around the workplace and ensure these dispensers are filled regularly!
  • Make sure paper tissues and / or face masks are available at your workplace.
  • If possible, keep at least 2 meters space between colleagues.
  • Brief your employees about respiratory hygiene.
  • Sanitize the workplace between shifts without fail.
  • Prohibit large meetings!

Visit the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) official website for workplace hygiene guidelines.

Being HR, it’s your duty to maintain workplace hygiene to keep your employees, customers and contractors safe! Your careful planning and precautions can make a big difference for your business and for your staff.


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