Spreading the word to the entire staff requires the HR people to go out of their comfort zones. This traditional practice eats up a great deal of time and requires significant efforts from the HR folks thus, leading to an unproductive human resources department.

Luckily, recent HR technological advancements such as cloud technology have triggered some great and welcoming changes for the human resources personnel. Yes, the cloud is one such trending technology that is taking businesses by a storm these days opening up new avenues. This is why the recent past has seen a huge number of companies shifting their attention to cloud computing.

Here are 5 reasons to break up with traditional payroll!

Here is a detailed explanation of how cloud technology is reshaping the human resources department-

1. The most prominent benefit of cloud technology is instant access to the required data at any given time of the day and from anywhere. This is much better and convenient compared to on-premise solutions.

2. Updates and upgrades are triggered directly from cloud servers thus, no need of maintaining additional IT crew and other resources for the same saving time, efforts, and money.

3. Empowering employees was never this easy. Yes, almost all the cloud-based HR software solutions available today offer an employee self-service portal allowing employees to view and update their personal details on the go. Be it downloading salary slips, updating their contact/address details, or checking TDS or PF details, everything is available to them at their fingertips.

4. Cloud saves the hassles of running after consultants and contractors. In addition, implementation is faster and easy when compared to legacy or on-premise solutions.

5. Thanks to open APIs, most of the cloud HR solutions work and integrate seamlessly with a range of enterprise-grade solutions and biometric systems.

6. Contrary to the wide misbelief, the data hosted over the cloud is secure and safe if you appoint a reliable vendor.

These are only a few prominent and most talked about the advantages of moving the human resources department to the cloud. So now you know how cloud is triggering seismic shifts in the world of human resources management, it’s time to embrace it.

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