With almost the entire business being managed by cloud computing, it makes sense for startups to managed HR operations also on cloud. Opting for one will reduce the complexities associated with the growing business resulting in growing HR needs. In a small business, HR responsibilities are handled by an in-house HR manager who has to single-handedly take care of time-tracking, payroll, attendance and leave applications, hiring, promotion, grievances etc. According to experts, most employees of startups search for a new job option within months of joining, because the company does not create an attractive work culture environment.

Mentioned below are pointers as to how cloud based HR software for Startups can help the budding entrepreneurs and why should they be considered.

Enhanced flexibility and mobility:  Cloud based HR software supports access of software related with work across any device, across time zones and irrespective of the place you are at. This empowers the employee to access information conveniently, thus ensuring timely updates from them. Additionally, cloud based HR solutions eliminates humongous paperwork associated with basic HR activities like applying for leave or updating personal information etc.

A user-friendly implementation: With cloud based HR software in place, a startup can avoid the hassles of consultants, contractors and customer service. Implementation of cloud based HR is very simple and with the open application program interface (APIs), HR based cloud solutions are designed such that they seamlessly integrate with the existing applications, thereby not disturbing the day-to-day business. Additionally, with respect to innovation, cloud based HR is a cutting edge technology as the automatic updates and upgrades will always keep it ahead, thus making it a practical implementation.

Data is secure: While most startups often ponder upon the question related to hosting sensitive HR data on the cloud, one has to remember that security of the start up’s HR data is the responsibility of the company hosting the data. These companies have several policies in place that ensure that the risk is mitigated. What the start-up has to necessarily do is identifying the various attacks that are possible with respect to cloud computing and how they can be prevented. This has to be followed by a due diligence of the host to check if both of them are on the same page. If a correct host is chosen, then opting for cloud-based HR is a win-win decision for the start-up.

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