It is of paramount significance for a business to ensure the necessary resources in order to process all its HR and payroll operations in a seamless and error-free manner.

Nonetheless, proper preparation including a well-thought strategy, conducting cultural training and identifying weaker or underperforming admin areas is essential in having a centralized payroll. Although payroll professionals generally find it difficult to run payroll operations from one location, the process becomes even more challenging if failed to conduct correctly from the start.

Cultural differences can trigger several challenges that can hinder the path to a centralized payroll administration. Even simple issues such as names of employee can vary from locations and complicate standard frameworks. In South India, for example, individuals often can have more than one middle name, while in West India, many individuals adopt English first & middle names for business purposes.

For a business with offices in multiple location or cities, it is critical to communicate with all the resources on a periodic basis. If only one staff member can facilitate a key aspect of payroll in a location, payroll managers ought to have some kind of contingency plan in place if that staff member is no longer available. Continued communication after entering new location can also help payroll departments provide simple and easy alterations.

Pocket HRMS enables you to manage multi-location and geographies easily through a single and unified repository meaning you get a single point of contact for accessing all your payroll, employee and HR data on the go.

Not to forget, other perks of having a centralized repository include fewer admin hassles, efficient proof entry, paperless payroll and most importantly, no more data duplication issues.

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