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Pocket HRMS’s smart way of maintaining a centralized repository of documents and letters on cloud makes it one of the most useful tools in cloud based management information systems. Streamlining and managing all on-boarding process effectively and efficiently, managing all employee’s documents, letters, and scans in a central repository can be done easily with Pocket HRMS – The complete Cloud based HCM Software.

Pocket HRMS enables a user to create infinite templates of the letters used in HR Department and also, employees can download policies, forms, pay slips and From 16 without HR Involvement.

Here are some added advantages of having cloud based HR solution for your business:

Streamline On-Boarding Process: HR Departments and staff are under pressure to onboard staff quickly and efficiently, yet they face numerous obstacles which draw the whole process out. Having a Cloud based HRMS Solution helps the person to carry out the process even after HR is unavailable. Employee can share scanned documents or else can upload the documents through the self service portal.

Efficiently handle Induction Process: Company policies & procedures can be stored on cloud which a newly joined employee can have access to and go through it for their reference. It helps HR department to smoothly carry out induction programme. An employee can see their suboordinates’ profile and other details also.

Timely Submission of worksheet / documents: An employee is able to upload the documents of worksheet / TDS / Form 16 through Pocket HRMS. It helps the HR department for timely submission of Income Tax related important sheets & documents.

Central Repository: Now central repository does not only mean keeping all documents in one place, but also creating a paperless office. Paper is a commodity which is luxuriously wasted. Maintaining data on paper alone gives rise to security issue. Once lost / misplaced, there will be no way of recovering the same. Whereas, while on Central Repository, there is not only data backup but also security and that too user level security.

Other benefits include reduced administrative tasks, effective proof entry details, paper less work, less office space usage and exclusion of storing / maintaining unncecessary data.

So these are few advantages of having cloud based HRMS software for startups, small and mid-sized businesses. Online documents and letter submission is not only hassle-free and error-free, but is also great in simplifying personnel management of an organisation.

To know more about Pocket HRMS, You can write to Pocket HRMS team at sales@pockethrms.com.


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