Business Process Management: definition, key features & its importance in HR world

Business Process Management: definition
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In any businesses, the human resource team performs various functions irrespective of departments and at the same time, HR professionals deal with numerous requests initiated by employees. It is one of the key departments as they motivate employees to be more productive and keep companies more organized.

Also, HR needs to treat company and employee details with great sensitivity. But, if companies switch from paper-based systems to online systems, then it can help HR team improve efficiency and accuracy. Implementing BPM i.e. business process management fulfills their internal, legal and regulatory needs. So, lets deep dive into BPM to understand everything related to business process management.

Full form of BPM

The full form of BPM is Business Process Management.

  • What is BPM?

Considering its definition, BPM is a practice in operations management under which various processes that are present in the company are managed. Employees make use of different methods to invent, model, analyze, optimize, enhance and automate business processes, especially in times of crisis to ensure that processes are productive and efficient.

Any combination of methods used to run business processes is BPM i.e Business Process Management. It helps organizations to get better results in a more cost efficient way.

  • How does BPM work?

Below we mentioned 5 main ways that can explain you how BPM works; take a look-

Designing a method involves working with current methods or beginning a new one from scratch. This is a visualization of a method to analyze how the business workflows are performing and where it needs improvement. Generally, businesses develop visual flowcharts manually or by using software.

Modelling is a stage where methods involve in business process management are put to experiment by theoretical circumstances which impact businesses so that companies know how BPM performs. If new processes cope up with these circumstances, then they are agile and don’t require any revisions. But, if they fail, then these processes need revisions to make them fit for situations.

Execution where all BPM processes implement in real through the software and it creates a common base between IT and business for process development and automation. It becomes easy to build new processes which can be automated. Still, majority of processes need human involvement to execute and the majority of successful businesses manage this blend with ease.

Monitoring is the key aspect of BPM. Ideally, all individual processes should be observed to know how the processes work and also help companies to find out any trends which can be an opportunity for growth or may be a big concern to worry. The gathered data are analyzed and use to enhance the processes.

Optimization of processes is necessary to fit methods for purpose because there is always a room for further optimization in business process management. Whenever circumstances change, companies need to adjust processes to meet changing criteria. This practice helps to increase opportunities for growth and results can be analyzed to demonstrate how successful the strategy has been.

  • Key features of BPM

This is the most important thing which you need to consider while searching for the best business process management software. Here’s the list of key features of BPM:-

Visual Process Diagramming Tool

Project Management Integration

Data Capture, Management, and Analysis

Real-Time Monitoring and KPI Measurement

Adaptive Case Management

Role-Based Access Control

Mobile Support

Choice of On-Premises or Cloud Deployment

Select features based on your business requirements and budget.

  • Importance of BPM in human resource world

Many companies still spend substantial money on personal expenses which are due to regulatory requirements. But, companies can save that amount by implementing BPM in organizations, especially it is more beneficial for the human resource team. Below are some of the top 4 reasons that explain the importance of business process management in the HR world.

Makes HR functions more transparent

Reduces paper-based work

Makes certain HR processes cost effective

Saves time and efforts of HR professionals and employees

Refer the below given example to understand how BPM helps the human resource department!

Example: with a complete BPM system in place, the employee can apply for a leave by entering his credentials, like name, employee id and the leave date. Then, this business process management system verifies the employee has accrued the required leaves and makes a task and emails the request to the authorized person. The supervisor then rejects or approves the leave and notify to the employee via mail. The leave is then deducted from the employee’s leave balance. It means the system saves time, money and efforts of the organization and the employee.

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