Business Leadership in the Age of Cloud Computing

Business Leadership
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Leadership is no child’s play, but equipping yourself with the right set of tools and technology will help you accomplish wonders for your business. The world around us is changing unremittingly embracing new technologies at warp speed. In fact, technology has touched every aspect of our lives be it communicating with our loved ones or executing key business processes, technology surrounds us.

Cloud computing is one such tech trend that has gained excellent momentum in the recent past in business leadership. Yes, cloud technology that was once perceived by tech pundits as a marketing gimmick has evolved into a promising and apparent vision for new age computing. The unparalleled potential of cloud computing to boost business performance has led businesses embrace it on a wide scale.

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Cloud computing by offering unparalleled mobility for employees and scalability for businesses is transforming the way organisations do business. This is why business leaders of today’s era ought to be well-versed with technological advancements and their application. And cloud revolution is no exception here!

Evolving leadership roles!

As cloud computing is transforming the business ecosystem worldwide, we are witnessing changes in leadership roles as well. For instance, the role of CIO (Chief Information Officer) has evolved over the last few years from IT position to business leader. Yes, cloud technology enables CIOs of today to focus on productivity of business applications rather than worrying about IT infrastructure required to support these applications.

On the other hand, more and more CFOs (Chief Financial Officer) and CEOs (Chief Executive Officer) are coming to the forefront to curb IT infra costs and help their organisations gain a competitive advantage.

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Surprisingly, a CIO is no longer the last man standing when it comes to making buying decisions for technology, as CFOs and marketing professionals are increasingly getting involved in purchasing as well as implementing enterprise technology solutions.

What does the future hold?

Leaders of today’s cloud computing era ought to have certain traits spanning across a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Here are few key competencies leaders in the cloud need to have:

   1. Dexterity: Leaders in cloud computing era are required to be flexible to embrace changing business concepts, as organisations begin to redefine strategies for cloud centred ecosystem.

   2. Clear vision: Cloud technology would require leaders to have a clear vision when it comes to diverse cloud related aspects such as finances, access, security, infrastructure, platform, etc. Long story short, leaders need to have a clear vision on how to survive the cloud revolution.

   3. Business and tech expertise: As an increasing number of businesses move to novel cloud computing models, they would require leaders, who boast firm understanding of hardware, software and other technical aspects.

   4. Receptiveness: Success in the cloud age depends greatly on leaders, who are open to collaborate. Thus, the most crucial thing would be learning to partner/collaborate with other entities to meet the needs of customers.

   5. Customer-centred: With its subscription-based model (SaaS), cloud-computing technology puts businesses under pressure to offer their customers with what they require and when they require with consistent focus on customer retention as well as acquisition. Cloud is all about understanding the needs of customers. Thus, it calls for leaders with sharp-thinking prowess, who can foresee customer needs.


Whilst cloud assures to make technology obscure and its benefits accessible 24 x 7, getting there calls for leaders with great vision and excellent IT expertise. Looking at the unparalleled potential of cloud technology, this human resource challenge is the one that a number of businesses will be more than willing to take up and win at it.

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