Business Guide: How to get back to Work after Lockdown?

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Work after Lockdown
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Things would be different. Your workplace would not be the same as you had left months back. Companies need to revamp their entire workplace activities and look for better health-related measures at workplace corners like the pantry, cubicles, corridors, meeting rooms, etc.

Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has put a large impact on the way we work. Be it HR management or supply-chain, everything has got affected in industries.

We, at our homes today, are practicing social distancing and avoiding outside contacts like open packet food and washing hands regularly, and so on…

Well, this is going to continue. That’s it. Getting back to work after lockdown and total prevention of coronavirus case, will be different from earlier but similar to what we are doing at our homes today. Preventive measures! Eating right. Cleanliness.

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Let’s have a quick glance of what measures must be taken by HR department to ensure safety and how to get back to work after a Lockdown.

  • Distant desks-

When you return to your office, you could possibly see spacy cubicles. So, no more a problem of “move little forward” or “move your mouse away from my desk”. Other than this, practicing social distancing for even further would be a need. Keep a good distance like 6 feet between two desks would be a good idea. Advice to employees – keep their drawers clean and ensure that the part of the cubicle is sanitized at regular instances like lunch.

  • Compulsion on use of handwash-

No doubt employees have already ben using them, but this time they need to be more cautious. Not only after using the washroom, but while entering office or leaving, make sure you wash your hands and fingers (especially nails) properly. Washing your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer before consuming anything or having lunch must be a compulsion.

Small steps by every person will create a great change. The world needs to be more careful once this pandemic ends.

  • Improved cleansing of office corners-

The cleaning staff have been doing a fantastic job in your office till now. whereas, due to coronavirus outbreak and germs staying longer on a body, the staff now need to be more careful and attentive after returning. Not just the dedicated members, but other people like employees and HR too need to ensure your places is clean enough.

Objects like the lower body of desk, biometric attendance machines, ventilators, etc. which are not frequently touched and therefore cleaned by anyone, needs more attention nowhere.

These were some basic and important changes (rather say improvements) which you could see while you return to your office after long ‘working from home’. If not permanent remote working for you, get ready to commute again and be more preventive this time.

To learn more about workplace lessons on COVID-19, check this out! Also, you can share your thoughts on

Disclaimer – This post is not an advisory for organizations and individuals. Please visit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – and Ministry of Home Affairs for the latest guidelines.

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