Brace Yourselves for the Next-Gen HR Solution

Next-Gen HR Solution
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While Human resource (HR) has been looked upon as the quintessential department that works toward talent acquisition, allocation, retention and replacement, it actually is more than that.

Administering legal frameworks and policies remain the same, it is all about laying the process, which becomes more strategic for HCM personnel.

Similarly, there is a thin line between HRMS and Social HRMS. Building a base of essential HRMS functionality, today’s HR leaders incorporate an array of social network elements that reflect the preferences of a changing workforce and better communication, performance, employee engagement and development. A few prominent Social HR components are as follows:

1. Social and network recruiting

2. Real-time and 360-degree feedbacks/appraisals etc.

3. Shareable peer recognition

4. Social media and networking profiles

5. Shareable goal tracking

6. Communication and collaboration tools

7. Mobile access

When social HR & technology are combined, it offers a powerful and new framework for HCM that combines the HR’s perspective of employees as valued assets that would be tamed with proven data to help support the endeavours and investments they wish to make in recruitment and employee development.

While some folks might debate HRIS solutions eliminated much of the human interferences from the HR function, social HRIS is focused on putting back the “human” into human resources. Thus, by the inclusion of a new social layer into the important data management functions of traditional HRIS, these new tools can serve as an excellent platform for both interaction as well as efficiency. What more, these are great and easy to use.

The world is changing and social technologies are playing a huge part in bringing this change. As long HR personnel continue to embrace these social technologies as their preferred way to connect and interact, HCM and social technology can help the companies go that extra mile with highly empowered employees.

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