Best Security Practices for cloud-based Payroll Software to keep Handy

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Best Security Practices
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Acceptance of cloud solutions didn’t took off as predicted by tech pundits, because security concern is holding back many growing organizations to venture into the world of best-in-class cloud HR software out there for streamlining critical payroll and HR operations.

This is the reason for the low adoption rate of cloud based payroll software across businesses all over. Unfortunately, business owners and entrepreneurs due to incomplete knowledge fear to host employee data on cloud database or servers.

Nevertheless, here are the best security practices for cloud-based payroll software to keep handy.

Difficult to crack credentials for employees: Yes, instruct all your employees to have a strong password that includes a combination of numbers, letters and/or special characters with more than eight digits. Also, it is advisable to change the password on a regular basis.

Credential storage: Organizations should also train employees on the best ways to store their Login Credentials. Avoid writing your credentials on a note rather it be stored securely or better memorize it.

Early detection: Organizations should update employees about phishing or scam emails that are shrewdly designed to appear like genuine emails from the company that ask to share their credentials.

Implementation of one or more factor of authentication: This security measure requires users to submit a secondary form of identity verification after keying in their login information in the system. They would receive a message on their mobile devices or a mail. They may even have to generate a distinct PIN that must be entered to gain access. Many organizations use this method as a one-time and strong security measure for users to authenticate new devices. Since it’s impossible to log in without having access to their phone or email, making it impossible to gain unauthorized access.

These four simple yet inexpensive security practices can help make your cloud-based payroll software experience a lot more secure, smooth and user-friendly not only for your employees, but also for your HR personnel.

For more such tips and tricks on how to secure your employee data on a cloud or SaaS based payroll and HR software, click here.


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