If you are an employer and if you merely happen to look down upon your employees as workforce, then it’s time you think again!

Employee engagement plays a pivotal role when it comes to having a happy and content workforce. Unfortunately, many business leaders today have common myths pertaining to employee engagement.

Here are some ways employee engagement can help your business-

Remember the names of your people

Not remembering an employee’s name gives off the impression that you don’t really care about them and simply see them as an employee. Which they are not, they are more than just that, they are humans!

Knowing the names of your employees could help your employees see you as a caring leader, who they would love to follow. So, the next time you see them, please call them by their names.

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They could become your best friends, who would agree to everything you say.

How great would it be to work with your friends?

According to studies, we spend at least 30% of our lives working. Wouldn’t it make sense to make your employees your best friends because you spend most of your time with them? Here, HR leaders and managers can come up with creative ways to beat office blues.

Engagement is the key to productivity

An engaged workforce is always a productive workforce.

A good leader would inspire and motivate his/her employees to be more productive and creative at work. Also, a real game-changer is music. Although it could help in altering a person’s mood, the real game-changer is comedy. What that means is not laughing at them but laughing with them.

Understanding your employees better would aid in getting to know the needs of an employee as to what he/she would require to deliver maximum output.

For example, some employees love food, so the availability of good food could help them bring out their best in terms of work.

Employee retention

Today, employees not only crave for fat paychecks although that does help, it takes more than that for a person to stick with a company for long-term. An engaged employee is most likely to stick with a company for a long time compared to a disengaged employee. So no more retention problems. Also, look out for signs to change your office culture.


To conclude, employee engagement goes a long way in keeping your employees happy and content. Happy employees perform better and thus, help boost the growth and development of a company.

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