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Latest Unlock 1.0 after months of precautionary lockdown, things can be seen loosening. Restrictions can be seen easing up in many areas of the nation. Workplaces have been allowed to work with less population (say 20 percent).

Business owners and stakeholders have been advised to not go for higher productivity levels and high manpower at the workplace at the same time. Instead, enterprises could run on a shift basis.

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Back to workplace after lockdown may not be the same as earlier. Things might change. Workplace guidelines may develop. With the rising positive cases of coronavirus at the jet speed these days, stakes are high. No family would wish their bread earners shoulder the risk.

Management needs to be responsible and follow these 4 most important measures before getting back to the normal-

  • Ensure frequent sanitization

Frequently sanitizing the office corners and lifts is advisable. Not just the corridors, but workers too need to practice washing hands and other sanitization measures. Cleansing and wiping desks and hands regularly can reduce the risk of virus spread.

  • Distributing masks and sanitizers

Employers can decide to distribute masks and sanitizers among its employees on the first day itself. Sanitizer must be for office use only. Ensure the usage is frequent by employees.

  • Avoid Biometric machines

Many companies follow a biometric attendance system, which involves hundreds of people coming in mutual contact. To reduce health risk, avoid the system for few months and could practice providing punch details via self-service options.

This will also reduce the HR efforts.

  • Distant desks

MHA has advised to align working desks at-least 6 feet apart. Not more than 20 percent employee strength, such measures would keep your workplace away from any unwanted situation.

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Disclaimer – This post is not an advisory for organizations and individuals. Please visit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – and Ministry of Home Affairs for latest guidelines.


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