Automating Human Resources and Payroll – What to expect?

Automating Human Resources
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Be it a big or small business, human resource department of that organisation is responsible for executing a wide range of tasks with payroll being the most crucial of all. Managing recruitment, training, monitoring employee’s progress, handling employee benefits programs and various other important tasks come under the HR’s job profile. To put it straight, HR managers and personnel endure from a gamut of complex-to-handle tasks on a regular basis.

Adding to the grudges, performing these along with various other HR related tasks manually is seemingly painstaking and cumbersome. This is the reason why entrepreneurs and managers of both multinationals, SMEs and start-ups are increasingly investing in cutting-edge HR technology and solutions such as cloud based HR software that would help automate human resource activities.

This article will shed light on the key advantages of automating human resources.

  • The most apparent and foremost benefit of automating your human resources is that it frees your HR personnel. No! It doesn’t infer that you won’t need them anymore, it’s just that your HR staff would be more efficient and productive. For example, rather than sweating it for hours to key-in payroll info manually, a few simple clicks is all it would take to process payroll with an automated cloud based payroll software. So no more surfing through piles of spreadsheets. Your HR team can spend more time on other important chores.
  • Since automating human resources saves a significant amount of time for HR personnel, the result is improved productivity and efficiency. And since they will get more work done in lesser time, businesses save money and resources eventually leading to increased profits.
  • This brings us to the next advantage of having an automated cloud based payroll software. A business would witness significant improvements in payroll, time/attendance management and much more. Besides precision, cloud based HRMS solution also infuses simplicity. For instance, automating employee management system makes it a cakewalk to manage employee status, leaves and a lot more with just a few clicks. On the other hand, with employee self-service mobile app that comes with most of the cloud based payroll solutions allows employees to update and manage their personal details, check leaves status, apply for leaves, get payslips, PF, TDS details on the go freeing up your HR personnel. Most importantly, since everything is on cloud servers, everything is accessible 24×7.
  • Data recovery and security is not a draconian task with cloud based HCM software, because everything is stored on a secured cloud platform. So no need to fret about losing crucial data due to any untoward incident or natural calamity.
  • We all know payroll inaccuracies can invite unexpected costs, legal tussles and tax problems. Thus, having an automated cloud-based HR software is a wise move, as it shuns away payroll inconsistencies and redundancies paving way for seamless, accurate and timely payroll processing.


Automating human resources brings down HR errors significantly making lives easier for HR personnel. Thus, investing in a cloud based payroll software is undeniably a smart investment that can drive your business into the future. For the best cloud based HR software that is equipped with excellent automation capabilities and employee self service app that you can trust, click here.


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