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When Entrepreneurship met IT, things changed, but after the inception of the cloud, the competition was sure to get serious. Various businesses experienced a rapid surge in the pace of their Industry with its quick access and great storage capabilities that can be made available anywhere right on demand.

Even HR’s are opting for cloud computing for its durable and secure services that can be accessed from any device at any time of the day. Not only cost, time and space effective, but also able to integrate with Employee Management Software, cloud based software is turning out to be a game-changer of the decade.

Features of Cloud based HCM and payroll software

Quick to access:  Cloud computing is Internet based computing, which makes it easily accessible around the world on any device that supports internet connection.

Ease of storage:  Cloud lets you store huge amount of data like important documents, backup files, records, etc. in its virtual drive, and can be easily accessed on demand anywhere.

Automated integration: The software now a days come with cloud storage options, so all your data from biometric attendance system, payroll software, and employee management system can automatically be stored on the cloud.

Safe and secure: Cloud Computing make use of encrypted data, which translates the data into codes to keep your data secure, also for any mishap occurring in your company, all your crucial files are safe in cloud servers that can be accessed on the go 24×7.

Easy to get aboard: With Pocket HRMS, a cloud based software, it is quite easy to get your Company on cloud. With all your Employee management and payroll data stored, neatly organised and maintained on cloud, it definitely makes entire HR and payroll operations appear cakewalk.

Cloud can be the next big thing your company needs and Pocket HRMS is an excellent cloud based software that your HR deserves. So aim for the cloud, before you start aiming for the skies.

To know more about the Cloud and Pocket HRMS, contact us here. You can also drop a mail at for a quick demo and consultation.


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