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You are often in the illusion that you are the perfect mentor to your people, when in reality it is completely the other way around.

Being a good manager is no easy feat. A number of characteristics go into the making of a great boss. Similarly, numerous things make a boss awful. Here are few neon signs your employees hate you. See for yourself how many of these do you resonate.

     1. You never trust your people

Most of the times, bosses tend to be awful because of the notion that they are masters at doing certain tasks or they shove everything on to their people. Now, this can be utterly frustrating for employees and at the same time is equally pathetic for a boss to do to his/her people. For employees, it is daunting to get things done if their boss keeps on stepping in constantly. Micromanaging is the biggest reason employees regard a boss as horrible.

     2. You don’t value your employees’ personal space

This habit can manifest in a number of ways. This may mean ringing up your employees at every hour of the day and week even when s/he is not at work. Or it could be something like asking an employee to put in too much energy and time into a particular task, often beyond expectations. Next, there are bosses who tend to shove their employees’ boundaries emotionally making them feel uncomfortable.

There are several ways you can push your people without forcing them to dislike you. Yes, there are ways a boss can avoid workplace burnouts.

     3. You are not a good communicator

Communication is of paramount importance when it comes to the qualities of a great boss. When a manager fails to communicate clearly with his/her employees be it face-to-face, email or messaging, it can unleash havoc and confusion. Then there are bosses, who often throw orders at their people. This calls for having an open and lucid communication to foster a comfortable workplace environment for the employees. Don’t let your employees talk behind your back.

Click here to learn about five things employees often talk behind their boss.

     4. You never praise or compliment your people

A good boss understands the significance of employee recognition, but unfortunately, many managers fail to see the advantages of doing so. A genuine thank you or a pat on the back to acknowledge a job well done can go a long way in creating the impression of a good and worthy boss.


Being a boss calls for having an array of skills and honing these skills on a regular basis is the key to becoming a great boss and leader over time. Unfortunately, employees feel uncomfortable when it comes to letting their bosses know about a problem. Surprisingly, even well-intentioned manager can trigger a toxic work environment without even realising it.

By paying heed to some of these flashing signs, you will able to identify any underlying mistakes or bad habits that are making you a terrible boss.

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