Is there any way to know whether your company’s payroll data is secure with your vendor? Other than performing a comprehensive security check, are there other ways to ensure your payroll data is safe? These few questions would pop-up in the heads of business owners and managers.

Most of the businesses surveyed failed to have robust measures and policies in place to tackle this issue. However, on the other hand, a few businesses run employee awareness programs to keep their staff aware of data security, whereas some had additional measures in place like encryption as a means to protect sensitive information.

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Now what if you are in the market for a new payroll application, what questions should you be asking the vendors to set your foot on the right path especially in terms of payroll data security.

The need for payroll security has increased over the last few years. Therefore, when you are looking to buy new payroll software for your business, you ought to be extra careful, since it is always taking precautions to avoid regretting later. If you don’t, you will run the risk of being uninformed about payroll data security measures.

Payroll data should be secure across all platforms.

One of the most common issues with payroll data security is how many users will actually have mobile access. Thus, you should verify the same with the software vendor. Also, ensure that you confirm about admin rights.

Further, the inclusion of employee self-service modules in almost every payroll software solution available today gives total to control to employees when it comes to accessing and updating their personal details on the go so that your HR personnel doesn’t have to save them a huge amount of time and efforts. Here, it is important to confirm the cloud server that the vendor would be hosting your data on. Make sure that it is one of the reliable and best-in-class cloud data-hosting platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

Last but not the least, ensure that software has multiple authentication processes for access. This would simply beef up the security of data that you maintain within the solution.

These are some basic security practices when implemented would make your cloud payroll software experience seamless and safe.

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