AI-based Attendance Tracking: Smart Way of Marking Employee Attendance

AI-based Attendance Tracking
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Attendance tracking is the most important aspect for optimum workforce management since it forms the crux for various HR related tasks, including HR administration, payroll, etc. Due to continuous advances in technology, various options are now available to maintain track of employees’ attendance.

Keeping in mind the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, companies allow employees to work remotely. But, tracking attendance of remote workforce is difficult! In fact, organizations also need to be careful while operating work from office. Considering the current scenario, it is good to implement AI-based attendance tracking system.

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Today, the majority of organizations already switched to online attendance management software from traditional attendance methods. This post gives you quick information regarding AI based attendance tracking system. Below are some of the key highlights of our AI powered attendance management tool, take a look-

  • Face recognition

The use of artificial intelligence in our cloud based HR software enables companies to have a smart contactless biometric attendance system in place for employees working from home and office.

  • Geo-tagging

Using this feature, employees can set their home location pin and setup their geo fencing easily. It is good to track remotely working employees.

  • Geo-tracking

It empowers the online attendance software with real-time employee punch location tracking. Along with face recognition, it becomes a perfect tool to track field employees.

  • WFH optimized

Employees can share feedback or report issues through AI powered chatbot that means companies can engage employees effectively. This makes intelligent attendance management more accessible to HR people and staff.

  • Engage employees

Our AI powered chatbot is designed in such a way that it successfully handles various attendance requests to offer a smart attendance management system for workforce. Also, the use of AI in HRMS software allows personalized greetings to increase employee engagement while extracting the necessary details from the chatbot directly.

Along with tracking attendance of employees, it also helps to keep employees engaged and have a positive impact on your business. With the help of AI based attendance tracking system, the human resource department can easily track as well as manage the attendance of the workforce.

Pocket HRMS knows how tedious it is for HR professionals to process payroll without an automated employee attendance management system. Our online attendance software alleviates the cumbersome activity of tracking employee attendance. Make your human resource team future ready with our attendance tracking system and simplify this tedious HR activity with ease.

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