Pocket HRMS: Affordable HR Software for SMEs

Affordable HR Software
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Today, small and midsized businesses (SME) face many of the challenges that are faced by large-scale businesses. These challenges most-oft are in the form of volatile market conditions, employee retention, workforce management, and cutthroat business competition.

On the other hand, changing employment laws are sure to be a burden when it comes to operating a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME). Pocket HRMS is a cloud-based and affordable HR software for SMEs designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of small businesses.

Pocket HRMS for SME is designed for start-ups and alike providing them with all the required tools and support to effectively manage their workforce without bombing the budgets. Talk about budget-friendly cloud-based SaaS payroll solutions in India!

Streamlines Core HR Functions 

Pocket HRMS is a robust suite of payroll and HRMS software, which helps to streamline core HR operations for SMEs. It comes with powerful and highly useful modules such as mobile payroll app, HR management system, employee self-service portal, leaves and attendance management, time tracking, and much more.

Being a SaaS-based cloud solution, Pocket HRMS for SME is fully scalable meaning it grows with your business and its growing needs. It has the power to drive your business to a completely new level.

Workforce Management

Saves Time: With all the crucial employee data available on a single and unified repository on the cloud server, access to information on the go is no more a problem. This in turn helps to increase efficiency across the HR department saving them a great deal of time and efforts whilst reducing the issues of data duplication and incorrect entries that often result in payroll redundancies and inaccuracies.

Eliminates Manual Process

Every business relies on papers to manage employees and other payroll/HR details. Digging through tons of paperwork is sure to consume hours. Pocket HRMS automates the entire process of payroll processing, leave management, attendance/time tracking, etc., saving your HR personnel a huge amount of time and effort. Eureka, no more human errors as well.

Easy and Quick Implementation

Being a cloud-based HR solution, Pocket HRMS requires minimal IT support for implementation. What more, updates and upgrades are taken care of by our support team leaving you worry-free.

Seamless Reporting

Quick and customizable reports on the go make Pocket HRMS all the more helpful. All the crucial HR and payroll reports are available at the click of a button for HR managers and business owners of SMEs.

To know more about how Pocket HRMS can uplift and streamline HR management for your SME, contact us here. You can also drop a mail to us at sales@pockethrms.com.

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