Aarogya Setu App: Public and Private Sector Staff Guidelines

Aarogya Setu App
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The past few months have been tough across the corporate sector. Now, we are finally seeing a ray of self-ease as the government has started slowly allowing organizations to resume working.

We are on a path towards reducing the aggressive curve of the pandemic and it is of utmost importance to stay on top of this crisis by avoiding any potential mishap. This can be achieved by utilizing Government guidelines surrounding Aarogya Setu App, the COVID 19 tracker application.

Pocket HRMS took the initiative and decided to make the big change that HR professionals required right now! To help ensure your employees make the most out of this facility, we have incorporated a new feature in Pocket HRMS – the Aarogya Setu Knowledge Compliance Check (ASK-CC).

This new tool serves as doubly beneficial to both the employees as well as employers. It allows employers to spread awareness among employees about downloading the app and, consequently, help remain alert against any possible COVID 19 areas or point of contacts.

With this feature, employees can do self-declaration that they have installed the app before resuming work. This tool can be a part of compliance data for the human resource department. Further, the HR department can get easy access to categorized information about employees who have already downloaded the application and stay compliant as per the guidelines.

Amid these unprecedented times, Pocket HRMS hopes to provide the best tools to secure the workplace and make the lives of HR department easier while helping employees stay super-efficient. The company is geared up to assist all HR-related concerned in this transition with our strong support team.


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