The pandemic created due to coronavirus outbreak i.e. COVID-19 has forced all of us to take necessary actions like working from home and so on. Once the lockdown gets over and companies will be allowed to work with full strength, there will be some changes at the office.

To ensure employees are safe during the work and MHA guidelines are not being violated, businesses need to adopt some precautionary measures.

How to maintain social distancing at workplace?

Respected PM and ministry have advised reopening from June 1st with some necessary things to consider while reopening. Unlock 1 will be in effect till 30th June. The guidelines include-

  • After uplifting of lockdown, you need to plan which employees need to come office and which not.
  • Ensure transport for employees visiting office daily.
  • Disallow employees choosing public transport to reach
  • Ensure proper checkpoints of testing employees i.e. temperature measurement
  • Ensure frequent sanitisation of employees
  • No crowding at workplace
  • Prevent outsiders like food delivery people, etc.
  • Practice shift working with working population no more than 50 percent

Coronavirus Outbreak: 9 Essential Tips for Workplace Sanitization

Amidst all these situations and precautions, it is our duty to manage our remote employees well. Read related blogs here!

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