9 Ways a Manager can Win the Trust of his Employees

Ways a Manager can Win the Trust of his Employees
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A successful business venture is built atop the efforts and hard work of its super engaged employees, who believe in whatever they do and lay optimum trust in their leaders. This is why employee engagement has become the need of the hour. In fact, a number of studies over the time have hinted that highly engaged employees are not only productive, but are also less likely to leave a company.

So how much do your people trust you? If your answer is hinting towards a big “no”, then below are the 9 ways a manager can win the trust of his employees.

     1. Preach Transparency

Though we know that managers and executives ought to keep certain information under the wraps, and employees most often know that. But all an employee craves is for transparency. Thus, it is the responsibility of a manager to cue them as what is going on a regular basis. Here are five leadership hacks to create a transparent workplace.

     2. Treat Them As You Would Love Be Treated

Yes, embrace this thumb rule. Let your actions and words prove your commitment to your people. Recognise them, back them and always give ears to their feedbacks/suggestions. Always remember, respect works the vice-versa way.

     3. Know Your People

There is no excuse to running from this, since you spend a good amount of time with your people and they do the same. So stop acting like strangers in a tube. Try to get to know your people on a personal front, with due respect to personal space and comfort. This is because personal connection can greatly help in improving engagement.

     4. Be Workaholic

Employees would never like a boss or manager, who is leaning on his/her chair whilst they toil tirelessly day-in-day-out. Therefore, work at par with your employees, and they shall be gladly comfortable in following you.

     5. Be The Jack Of All

While working hard is one thing, whereas delivering results in another. Great leaders are aware of their strong points as well as weaker areas. They wisely invest a fair amount of energy and time in their stronger areas in order to win the trust of their employees.

     6. Keep Away From Gossiping

Yes, since we are all humans, it can be tempting at times to indulge in some rumour mongering. Make sure that all the unjust negative thoughts popping in your head are never expressed or written down.

     7. Be Coherent

No employee would like to follow a leader, who lacks consistency in his/her claims. So pick your words carefully and mean your words. Here are five phrases managers should never throw at their employees.

     8. Don’t Be Loudmouthed

Remember, there is a reason you are the leader, you are smart and proficient. So avoid talking excessively and listen more. Employees have some wonderful ideas thus, listening more would help a lot here.

     9. Take Responsibility For A Job Gone Bad

Unfortunately, most of the managers and leaders blame the failure on their teammates. They forget they are the showrunners and their people will respect them more when they take accountability for failures.

So in order to drive your business to the next big level, it is important to win the trust of your employees first. Managers when make a mindful effort to amend their leadership traits, their employees will lay more trust in them thus, helping the business grow stronger.

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