Human Resources also famoulsy referred to as HR act as the quintessential bridge between employees and a business. The job profile of human resource personnel includes dealing with employees (yes, this includes a mix-match of those troublemakers, crazy and all sorts of folks) plus not to forget, crippling deadlines and nagging bosses 🙂 But this doesn’t sway these people from performing their roles and responsibilities to the fullest and sportingly.

Here is a compilation of 8 funny GIFs that prove how fun it is to be in HR.

1. When you have been asked to hunt for 10 new candidates by the end of the day

2. When you’re surfing LinkedIn in search of prospects

3. When candidates tell about weird or unusual hobbies!

4. When you recruit the right candidate, finally!

5. When your boss says you don’t really need that HRMS and payroll system now!

6. When trying to keep up with changing HR compliances

7. When you are asked to develop a new HR strategy

8. When you finally perfected the unfinished HR strategy, but your boss snubs it completely

People are perpetually complaining and nagging about how nerve-wracking their job is, but we personally believe that nothing is more taxing than dealing with employees, which is a part and parcel of an HR’s job profile. Hope this blog brings smiles on the faces of all those HR people out there.

Keep rocking, and thanks for processing our payroll guys 🙂

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