8 Common hiring mistakes and How to avoid them? [HR expert]

hiring mistakes
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Before we learn the common mistakes made by recruiters, lets first understand the importance and difficulty.

Staffing or talent acquisition before the set deadline is not an amateur’s game. A traditional hiring strategy includes searching and interviewing candidates and selecting the right candidate. Selecting the right one is all that plays with the recruiter.

This is the point where hiring mistakes occur. Due to the immense pressure, recruitment pitfalls are expected to occur. A bad hire is even worse than not hiring at all. Because time and money are at stake. You will have to perform it all again.

The most Important hiring advice no one will tell you!

What’s the average loss on one bad hire? Almost a month of salary of them. Hiring mistakes are to be curbed.

What are the 8 common employer hiring mistakes?

  • Failing to Prepare
  • Narrow search
  • Old school methods of recruitment
  • Skipping the telephonic
  • Rushed decision
  • Talking rather than Listening
  • Failing to Check References 
  • Hiring a less qualified

How to avoid such hiring mistakes? What should be the new hiring strategy?

Prepare first

It’s all in the prep! Don’t you agree? So should recruiters.

Before you place the job ad, make sure you know why you are hiring. Get is clear from the team head – the responsibilities, experience, role, etc. It starts with a nicely curated job description that outlines the work and not the worker.

Prepare a good hiring strategy with the team manager to not miss the catch and hire right.

Widen your search

Casting a wide search may help you with better reach. Modes of recruitment must be optimised. Posting your ad to the same old base will attract same candidates from past. Building your reach with the help of new modes of recruitment like social media could bring the magic.

More the choices, more the chances of better candidates.

Look for new-aged HR technology

Make us not explain this. It is already 2020 and old school traditional hiring process will only be unsuitable. Instead, check out some up-to-date recruitment management software to make the hiring process a piece of cake.

The recruitment management software allows you to sit back and generate templates easily and schedule and track interviews easily in clicks.

Telephonic round

A phone call with the candidate can actually help you know them better. Reading just their profile and CV will only let you know their skills and accomplishments.

But isn’t knowing whether they are ready to take up new responsibilities and know what the company does important? This is what the pre-interview call helps you in, without wasting your time anymore. The biggest advantage is that it happens quickly over your mobile phone.

Don’t fall for deadlines

As discussed earlier, falling to finish your handover within deadline compromising with quality may be your biggest wrong move or say hiring mistake.

Take time, plan right and select the right candidate. Hiring bad candidate would bring you huge loss on expense and precious time. So, do not rush on-to making decisions and do the right hire.

Listen more – a smart once said!

You’ve got the top applicants lined up for interview. You had already sent them the job description, hoping they’ll read it and ask smart questions about the job and the company. You’re planning a marathon interview day.

That’s not right. Most interviewers talk too much and ask the right questions the wrong way. Listen them more. You are not to hire a robot instead a personality and a character.

Ask for referrals

This works the most. Who knows a right candidate better than your own workforce/ staff? Your current employees are themselves a marketing asset of your work culture.

Ask them for recommendations and rewards in return.

Do not compromise on expertise

Often committed by recruiters – compromising on experience and skills of candidate because of budget. To save money, HR may hire a low skilled employee discarding a better candidate. Instead fo for negotiation or additional perks. But do not lose a better candidate for a dollar.

An all-in-one HR software with integrated recruitment software and employee experience solution is the only need here.

Pocket HRMS is one such new-age HR software with integrated modules supporting each function of human resource management. To learn more, contact us here – sales@pockethrms.com.


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