7 Ways to Stay Fit While Working from Home

Stay Fit
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Nowadays, many employers are asking their staff to work from home to control the spread of coronavirus. Remotely working brings many perks like, no commuting costs, no traffic jams, setting your own working hours, etc. But, it may take a toll on your health as it involves long sitting hours.

Be extra careful to stay fit while working from home. Remotely working for long hours means alone in the home office, which is not good for emotional well-being. Make time for social activities like the weekend trip with family; hang out with friends, etc.!

Following are some tips to stay fit while working from home:

  • Schedule a day and follow it!

Take advantage of being a remote worker by planning a self-appointed schedule. It helps you to work more efficiently and lead to getting work done in a shorter time span.

  • Invest in a good chair

If your job involves long sitting hours, then a comfortable chair is very much necessary. Avoid working on your bed or couch. Using a standing desk is also a good option!

  • Set workout routine

Work from home can wreak havoc on your joints and eyes, so combat these issues with regular workouts. Before you start your work, set your workout routine just as you do meetings. Don’t skip stretch breaks during every hour!

  • Avoid junk, eat healthy!

Eat right as food works as a fuel for your body! Fill yourself with lean protein, veggies and fruits. Keep all this stuff in kitchen, so that you can get up and move little extra. Say ‘NO’ to junk food and sugars! Keep yourself hydrated!

  • Stand up every hour without fail!

When you are on a call, take this opportunity to walk around. Encourage regular breaks; just don’t get stuck in your seat! The movement is good for blood circulation and will help you to focus more on your work.

  • Create a PEACEFUL office space!

An employee is less likely to feel stress if he likes where he works. Set up an office space filled with pictures of family, artwork or whatever keeps you calm and happy.

  • Make time for yourself!

Take a bicycle ride, go to the gym or hop down to a local yoga session once your work is done. Do some quick breathing exercises and meditation to increase productivity and relieve stress. Enjoy a good night sleep too, as it makes you more productive the next day!

Maintain a healthy work-life balance because that’s the key to stay fit physically and mentally!


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