6 Outlandish Ways You Are Blowing Up Your Reputation At Work

reputation at work
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For a huge chunk of working-class people, the pursuit of keeping away office blues tops the priority list following the salary and other perks. Unfortunately, the line between professional and personal life is often blurred for most of the employees making them appear unconventional at work.

Whilst there may be dozens of reasons for an employee to show unprofessional attitude towards his/her work, here are six common yet outlandish ways that take your professional reputation at work for a toss-

     1. Being a buddy and not a leader

We live in the era of millennials, who contribute to a majority of the workforce today. Also, they are fast picking up leadership roles at an exponential speed. Being the most connected generation, friendship certainly plays a pivotal role in the lives of millennials and it is quite difficult to switch this trait off at workplaces.

However, always remember that there is a thin difference between being an engaging and supportive leader, empathetic and being friends with your co-workers.

     2. Not taking up responsibility when needed

Often, the rise in responsibilities is accompanied by a disruption in a team. This is the reason why leaders and managers ought to duly understand the organisation’s goals, drive their teams aptly and take responsibility for the decisions taken. A smart way to tackle this is to self-evaluate yourself and continuously make efforts to take responsibility for your blunders.

Remember that the secret to developing strong relationships with your workforce lies in being open, honest and transparent to your people.

     3. Being pessimistic always

If you are the one, who constantly nags about new projects/tasks, company protocols, etc., then you certainly are creating an unpleasant ambience for the staff around you. This goes the same for negative humour and jokes as well.

For instance, if you are constantly maligning your boss or a new recruit, then chances are quite high for people around you to perceive you as a person with a bad attitude.

     4. Not keeping abreast with new technology and organisational change

Yes, adapting to change is the need of the hour. Irrespective of how comfortable you are with the existing technology or work culture, it is advisable to welcome new technologies and organisational changes with open arms.

Resisting to new technology and changes would simply shun you away from your colleagues leaving you disengaged and disconnected.

     5. Not being confident

If you feel that a decision is incorrect, or a project is heading for a disaster or you deserve a decent salary hike, speak yourself up and be confident. This is because good managers will always appreciate people, who speak up and are assertive. Be professional when voicing out your opinions.

    6. Taking decisions impulsively

Be it quitting the job because of your manager’s unruly behaviour or taking up a project just for the sake of it without any careful considerations, rash decisions would take you nowhere except taking your career for a bumpy ride.


A bad reputation at work makes it very taxing to get along with people at work and is also quite difficult to get rid of it. So always make efforts to treat your colleagues with the respect they deserve, listen to their voice and act like a team member by not being bossy.

Lastly, remember ‘be a person that you would love to admire.’

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