6 Simple Ways to Improve your Recruiting process

Recruiting process
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Making your recruitment and selection process error-free is not possible! It is beyond just screening resumes and conducting interviews. The whole process of hiring a right talent is expensive, time-consuming and prone to failures. However, the effort and time required to get it right will result to a big payoff, as you can weed out unsuitable employees with ease.

The Human Resource team is playing a key role in taking their company towards progress and that’s why it’s important to hire the BEST. This article looks at how to make your selection process better as bad hiring decisions are a drain on money and time too!

Below are 6 simple ways to improve your recruiting process:

  • Draft perfect job description

Prepare a list of skill set that the desired candidate must posses before crafting a job ad. It will save your time and money as you don’t have to sift through unqualified applicants. As a recruitment person, you’ll target the right people and dismiss unqualified applicants quickly. Distinguish between “must-have” and “added advantage” requirements. Use clear job titles that explain everything to candidates. Avoiding complicated sentences is a must!

  • Make sure the candidate fits the work culture

Arranging face to face interviews is the best opportunity to dig deeply into an applicant’s behavior and values. Observe how well the candidate interacts with the interviewer. Instead of asking ‘closed questions’, go for ‘open questions’ to judge how good or bad fit he or she is for the job role.

  • Avoid flawed interview processes

To ensure that the candidate has the desired knowledge and skills, plan interview process diligently. It is a good idea to engage your candidate in practical testing to assess their professional competency. Ask questions about different ‘on-the-job’ scenarios to understand their thought process. Evaluate candidate’s knowledge by reviewing their work samples and/or assignments. Make a ‘hiring scorecard’ for each candidate to make sure that education, experience, certifications, and training are considered in a similar manner.

  • Pay extra attention to the best candidates

As the organisation compensates employees for their work so monitoring the performance of the best candidates during interviews is necessary. Keep an eye on how these applicants implement their skills they say they have. Doing so can allow interviewers to evaluate candidate’s attention to details and their interest in professional growth.

  • Invest in recruitment management system

Online recruitment software eases the recruitment process for HR. HRMS serves recruitment management system that speeds up the process of hiring. HR personnel can use this software to churn out quick interview templates, track job progress, schedule interviews, etc. Customized recruitment module can bring the positive difference to your hiring process. Discovering passive candidates is no more a myth with advanced technology.

  • Candidate onboarding

Onboarding is frequently overlooked while hiring process. Strong onboarding not only increases the engagement of a new joinee, but it also gives the best possible chance to the company to retain new hire. It’s an opportunity for the company to win some good loyalty points by helping new joinees to settle in company culture. With HRMS software in place, you bring new hire and HR on the same page.

Remember, there’s no secret recipe for making the recruitment process perfect! Though, there is a way to master it. Keep improving your version of original hiring practices.

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