For better or for worse, everyone at some point in their lives has badmouthed HRs, who we believe are doomed to face the brunt from both the ends i.e., employer and employees. Alas, we seldom appreciate the pains these folks endure when they hotfoot day-in-day-out to keep us going and motivated. Not to forget, HRs are the folks who work tirelessly to process the most quintessential thing in every employee’s life, payroll 🙂

Here are 6 GIFs to prove why HRs are the real Dilwale.

1. When you realize the pains they go through to process your salary 🙂


2. When you ask for 100% hike in your pay!


3. When they organize office treats and parties for you


4. When you work overtime for extended hours!


5. When they call you up to pick your increment letter


6. They hide all your notorious office mischiefs from your boss 🙂

These are 6 outlandish yet ridiculously spot-on GIFs that prove why HRs are the real Dilwale. So, the next time you come across your HR, you know what to do. Thank them for the pains they undergo for you!


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