Different from the office environment with no cubicle, no meetings, no hierarchy pressure, no computer/social media usage restrictions and much more, working from home becomes a total bliss and out of the box experience. In fact, work from home is now one of the most popular employee perks in companies.

However, it does has its own share of hilarious moments. ? Here are six ridiculously hilarious moments of working from home that’ll make you go ROFL!

Here we go…

  • Distraction is another side of the coin-

  • Quality break from work-

  • Every telecommuter is an artist (LOL)-

  • Brain every half an hour-

  • Half of the day you are-

  • And when you are on conference call-

That’s it for now! Hope it made you forget the week’s stress and load.

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Happy Working from Home 🙂


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