6 Reasons to get a Performance Management Software this Year

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Reasons to get a Performance Management Software
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Be it a startup or an established firm, poor and inappropriate performance management reviews are a huge turnoff to its employees. Employee performance reviews happen on half-yearly, quarterly, annually or monthly basis depending on the organisation’s employment regulations and policies.

The traditional way of measuring an employee’s performance, often time-consuming and prone to errors is fast becoming obsolete these days. This is the reason businesses all over are killing the stone-age practice of performance reviews.

Interestingly, an increasing number of businesses are embracing automated HRM solutions to make the time-consuming and tiring process of performance reviews a cakewalk. Whether you are a small/medium –sized enterprise, startup or an established corporate, you need a performance appraisal software.

Here are 6 reasons you should get a performance management software for your business this year:

     1. Saves Time

With a performance appraisal system in place, the HR has to devise policies for all the departments at once. They can then assign the policies to employees respective of their departments, teams or positions, no need to draft a new appraisal policy every time. Eureka! Your HR professional won’t have to design new policies for new recruits all the time.

     2. Timely Performance Feedbacks

The automated reminder functionality of a performance management software allows setting distinctive time periods to review employees. For instance, HR can set monthly review process for people on probation or internship and quarterly or annual feedback systems for permanent staff. No need to endure from a single yearly feedback system for all the employees.

     3. Automated Reminders and Notifications

An ineffectively and poorly timed employee appraisal system is cited as the most common reason for people to leave a company. A performance appraisal software addresses this issue, as it sends out automated notifications and reminders so that you don’t miss out on important performance review dates.

     4. Go Paperless

Bid farewell to paper-based performance reviews. A performance management software makes the entire process paperless thus, mitigating the chances of data entry errors that are a common scenario with archaic paper based performance review practice. It also eradicates the need to worry about important feedback documents getting misplaced or lost.

     5. Past Records at Fingertips

An employee appraisal software provides all the critical details pertaining to employees’ performance in one unified place. Store, track and manage past reviews, feedbacks and detailed performance reports of employees in a centralised tool. No need to navigating through piles of spreadsheets and documents to extract past records.

     6. Holistic Feedbacks

Performance review software allows you to pick who will review an employee. Besides managers, you can even allow teammates that they collaborate with on daily basis to review a fellow employee. The appraisal system in this way opens the doors for 360-degree and holistic feedbacks to help offer unbiased rewards and appreciation. Did I mentioned a total transparent performance review process?


A performance management software streamlines and simplifies the quintessential HRM function of performance appraisals and reviews saving great deal of time for both employers and employees. Arming your HR department with an employee appraisal system is sure to pave way for an unbiased and timely performance reviews.

To learn how a cloud based performance management software can address appraisal woes for your business, contact us here. You can also write to us at sales@pockethrms.com or simply give us a shout-at our Twitter  or Facebook handle.


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