5 Workplace Wellbeing Trends for 2022

Workplace Wellbeing
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At the start of the year 2020, no one ever imagined that the future of their personal and professional life would change drastically in the coming years. The pandemic brought an unexpected change in the way we worked. Due to the new variant of the virus emerging every year, the return to work efforts are being pushed further and most organizations are continuing the remote or hybrid work setup. Remote work has led to stress and anxiety among people and they are still trying to get back to normalcy. This is the reason many organizations are focusing on workplace wellbeing initiatives to help employees overcome work stress.


Let us have a look at how the pandemic has changed the workplace culture:


1. Increase in remote working

Willingly or unwillingly, organizations had to opt for the remote work option when COVID-19 hit the globe. This had a sudden impact on the way employees worked. Some found this extremely good while for some, work from home turned out to be a nightmare. Remote/Work from home setup or flexible work setup also increased the use of workforce management systems by organizations.


2. Advancement in technology

Remote work has increased the use of technology and software. Organizations are making use of the latest technologies like HR software which includes attendance management system, performance management system, training management system, payroll system and a lot more during the flexible work setup. This helps the organization to focus on productivity and stay ahead of others.


3. Redefine physical workplace

Though employees have started returning to work in a physical office, there are many changes from the way they worked earlier. Now the top priority for companies is to focus on employee safety. Regular sanitisation, temperature checks, social distancing are implemented in most companies. Employees are slowly getting used to this routine and this is soon going to be the new normal. Remote work caused many employees to feel isolated which lead to anxiety. Returning to the office has, therefore, become a way to interact with colleagues which increases work efficiency and creativity. Workplace wellbeing initiatives are also the focus of many organizations.


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With the numerous changes that have changed due to the pandemic, the most notable one is the way we work. Businesses around the world are trying their best to bring things back to normal and help employees overcome the issues they face in their work lives. Businesses are therefore opting for workplace wellbeing resources to improve the work environment. 


Here are 5 workplace wellbeing trends for 2022 that businesses around the world are focusing on:

Focus on Work Culture

Having a positive work culture is very important as we know that happy employees are more productive as compared to their counterparts. Encouraging employees, empowering them and giving them growth opportunities are some ways in which businesses can keep their employees happy and retain good talent. Therefore during this time of the pandemic, businesses are focusing more on maintaining a positive work culture rather than merely focusing on the performance of their employees.


More Focus on Skill Development 

Focusing on developing an employee’s skill rather than focusing on their performance is going to help them perform better. Developing skills through training helps in increasing career growth opportunities, personal growth and also helps in increasing knowledge about the local industry. Therefore companies are emphasising reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling development. Upskilling is a process where an employee is trained to perform better in their current role. Reskilling helps an employee to shift to another job whereas in cross-skilling an employee is trained to perform tasks outside their usual scope of responsibility. This helps the employee in learning new skills and reduces their monotonous task. Therefore developing an employee’s skill makes them more confident and helps them in doing their task efficiently.


Emphasis on Work-life Balance

Having a good balance between your work and personal life is very important for employees to enjoy their work and feel happy when they return to the office. Without a proper work-life balance, employees will be stressed which can lead to problems in their personal life, absenteeism, low retention rate etc. To prevent this, businesses are investing in a workforce management system. Such a system helps employers to focus on employee well-being and figure out which employee is stressed.


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Family Wellness Programs

Amidst this pandemic, when most parents are working from home and most kids are also attending an online school, having a family wellness program is very beneficial. Pandemic has caused a negative impact on many families due to health issues, isolation, stress etc. According to a study, if an employee’s personal life is healthy and has a supportive family, it will positively impact their work life. It is therefore important to conduct family wellness programs at the workplace that keeps employee motivated and shows them that you care about them and their family’s well-being outside the boundary of the office.


Encouraging Social Connections

During this pandemic, meeting friends, family and co-workers have become more important than ever before. Building a strong bond with your co-workers is very important to work easily with each other and have a positive work environment. But how can businesses promote social connections during remote work setup? And the answer to this would be by implementing a workforce management system. Businesses should also encourage employees to use video conferencing tools rather than phones or emails so that employees can interact with each other in this virtual world. Employers should also prioritize virtual meetups conduct fun sessions and celebrate accomplishments to have a sense of social connection among employees.


Though wellness programs are a big trend for businesses of all sizes, it is very important to come up with innovative ideas to keep employees engaged in these wellness programs. Rewarding employees with gift cards or vacations are also a way of motivating them. By offering innovative wellness programs employees not only feel motivated but also spread a positive work culture. This is the kind of workplace where employees look forward to work.


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