5 Ways Technology Is Streamlining HR As We See It

Streamlining HR
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In today’s digital era, many tedious and time-consuming HR processes have been undergoing major improvements. Right from digital records to interviewing, human resources personnel are now able to hire as well as track data in a far more efficient and faster way than ever. Nevertheless, the effects of technology span far beyond the mundane record keeping and talent management chores.

Here are five ways technology is streamlining HR as we see it:

     1. Interviews going digital!

Yes, it’s the era of recruiting candidates via digital interviews and on the go. This tech trend allows potential candidates to use whichever technology they prefer, which includes laptop, tablet or phone to record their answers and offer screeners an opportunity to evaluate interviewees per their convenience. Digital interviewing saves time as well as money.

     2. Social media makes it easy to connect

As we know, social media has opened plentiful of doors for HR professionals since its inception. It allows us to connect and be more open with folks. For a lot of HRs, social media serves as an excellent platform to talk about their work culture, announcements, company goals, vision etc. They do it with a fine mix of videos, blogs, pictures, etc.

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    3. Paperwork is digital now!

HR personnel are constantly struggling with the task of tracking data, which often turns out in huge volumes and knowing where to locate this data is a nerve-wracking task. Here, cloud technology comes as a great boon, since a cloud based HRMS solution brings all the quintessential employee and payroll data on a centralized and unified hub for easy access from anywhere and anytime. It shuns the need of managing tons of paperwork and spreadsheets thus, saving time and efforts for HR people.

     4. Frees time for HR to focus on other core tasks

With technology helping to streamline off-boarding, on-boarding, record keeping, payroll, performance appraisal and more, HR personnel get more time to spend on other important stuffs. Yes, an automated cloud based payroll software can make it all possible. It helps human resources professionals to keep their ears to the ground, manage payroll, analyse performance, track attendance, etc.

     5. Bid adieu to geographical limitations

Today, it is quite common or rather a necessity for businesses to have a remote and global talent pool. This calls for effective tools and resources to manage remote employees, who report in from various geographic locations. This would certainly be not possible without cloud computing, social media, and mobile.


As the digital world witnesses new developments, HR department is sure to become a lot more agile and efficient in the near future. This is why it is imperative for human resource experts and leaders to walk hand-in-hand with technology.

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