5 Tips to Follow while Working from Home

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Working from Home
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COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has forced businesses to take necessary action to stall the spread of virus further. To hinder the contacts, companies decided to provide ‘work from home’ option to their employees and staff.

Now, working from home can be rewarding for many. Conditions if they successfully maintain the work-life balance, keep them health and fit, have efficient communication with team workers and meet targets.

Today, in this blog, we will be sharing tips on how to lower the struggle while remote working. Below are 5 tips to follow while working from home:

  • Maintain work-life

Upholding good work-life balance and a dedicated working desk/ place in your house are two important aspects in winning work from home activity. Scheduling your work hours and tasks can help you finish tasks in decided time and have personal space too.

Also, over working can challenge you mentally and therefore working from home becomes insane.

  • Timesheet management

There may be a concern lying with the managers – how to keep a track of performance of remote team members? Let me tell you, work from home policy is no new. Solutions for such concern are already available. An automated timesheet management software will let your employees feed/ submit their work personally through self-service portal.

Time tracking solution is another way to keep a track of their worked hours daily.

  • Use HRMS solution

One for HR department – during lockdowns like March 2020, it becomes a necessity for the HR department to look for ways to keep payroll, attendance management, etc. running without losing the track. Dedicated HRMS solution like Pocket HRMS provides all-in-one feature pack, which makes remote workforce management easier.

Work from home is no more challenging!

  • Take breaks

Remote workers at home often forget to take breaks in their work. Break doesn’t only mean to pick-up your phone and have a quick chat with friends or listed to your favourite music at the desk itself. Here, break means physically. Get up and walk a little in your house or go prepare juice for yourself. This will make you walk a little and do a little physical activity.

Taking short break after every 90 minutes is mandatory in such period i.e. quarantine!

  • Eat healthy. Avoid junk

This tip is specially curated for current situation (Coronavirus lockdown). The situation like now demands staying 24/7 at home. At such times, there is a high percentage of chance that you may gain weight or become physically bulky or unhealthy.

Best advice here is avoid junk items like fried wafers, oily food items and high sugar intake. Instead consume healthy leafy vegies with less fat and oil. The choice is yours! Longer ‘Work from home’ situation can be very challenging than it may seem to.

To learn more about lowering difficulties amid lock down, read our recent blogs here. In case of any query or want to share your thoughts, contact us now – sales@pockethrms.com


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