The best business managers and leaders are the ones, who motivate others, appraise a job well done and alleviate rifts between teammates. Unfortunately, some leaders tend to commit preventable bloopers jeopardizing the work culture and environment leading to a less-productive and gloomy staff.

However, not to forget, the key to optimum employee retention is having a friendly work culture. This is because a satisfied and happy workforce is always more productive than a disengaged and dissatisfied staff.

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Here are five mistakes committed by business leaders and HR managers that disrupt a company’s culture leading to increased employee turnover.

1. Being bossy: Every employee needs guidance and direction from his/her leader, but the prime goal of leaders here is to assist them in becoming self-reliant with increased confidence in their proficiency to innovate.

Ruling your workforce without giving them much room to breathe will force them to quit and thus, a disrupted workplace culture.

2. Being short-tempered: A hot-headed boss or manager is sure to nurture a stressed-out workforce. Further, an unhappy workforce is the root cause of office blues leading to decreased productivity and efficiency. This is why it is advisable for HR managers and business leaders to be all ears to an employee when he/she is expressing out rather than allowing the temper to play spoilsport. 

 3. Hiring the wrong person: Yes, one bad apple can spoil the entire bunch. Even a single bad recruit, who indulges in ceaseless gossips creating grapevines, is unproductive or the worse of all, sells trading secrets that can sabotage the work environment for all.

Thus, HR managers and leaders ought to take their time to recruit the right person.

4. Treating your staff like slaves: Your workforce is just as important as your clients are and thus, they deserve to be treated the same way. HR professionals and business managers should appreciate the accomplishments of their employees on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to recognize a job well done by an employee is to reward him/her with freebies, coupons, etc. This helps to retain top talents.

5. Lacking compassion: Say for instance an employee calls in for leave to be with his sick parent or for some other personal reason. Here, being a hard-hearted boss or manager is never a cool idea. Of course, this excludes frequent latecomers and absentees.


The key to becoming a good boss or leader is all about keeping the right balance between assessing your conduct and deciding which strategies will cater best to your staff. Often, business leaders and HR managers channelize their focus on building company culture overlooking employee’s needs. Avoid these mistakes and retain the best talents with your company for long.

Remember, ‘always be a leader that you would love to follow.’

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