At times, a company may be in need to hire an employee urgently as the productivity of the company has been put on a halt. And thus, the HR can’t wait till they get the desired candidate and have to settle up for the best available option.

The candidate may turn up to be a boon for the company, but what if the selected candidate becomes a nightmare and ends up being a nuisance?

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Below mentioned are the 5 most seen traits of such employees and if you find these traits in your employee, maybe it’s time for you to fire him and get back on your hunt for a new employee (pun intended)

1. No respect for time:

The employee you hired is fond of coming late again and again, or leaving early with no specific reason may indicate his lack of respect for time and the rules of the company.

2. Unexpected Leave:

The employee hired was supposed to help the company boost its productivity, instead, he just keeps taking leaves without any prior notice, and failing to justify his leaves may indicate his lack of responsibility and carefree attitude that may not be well suited for the company.

3. Low on performance charts:

The inability of the employee to go up with their performance charts or to give any positive change in the company’s productivity or the lack of interest in initiating a new task may be a sign of incompetence and the employee prefers his leisure and comfort over his responsibility for the company

4. Team morale and performance going down:

The new recruit may not be able to cope up with the team or the team morale and performance may be going down due to the addition of the new employee. Also badly treating or taunting fellow employees can also show a lack of respect for his team and the inability of being a team player blowing up workplace culture.

5. Special Perquisites and complaints:

Despite coming into an agreement for all the privilege and salary, the employee asks for more or continuously nags about every other thing can indicate the inability of the employee to adapt to the ways of the company as well as an inconsistency to commitments.

Such an employee not only costs the company, the payroll, and the training expenses but also leads to loss of productivity. And it is better to bid them farewell before it gets too late.

But keeping a track of these signs as well as carrying out other responsibilities can be an arduous task for the HR. Conversely, with Pocket HRMS, an easy to use and customizable HRM software, you can easily get create and manage HR MIS reports of Leave and attendance, as well as keep a track of the performance of the employees as well as the team. And know whether the recruit has turned out to be a boon or a nightmare for the company.

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