5 Signs it’s Time to Promote an Employee Up

Time to Promote an Employee
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HR (Human Resources) plays a pivotal role when it comes to managing the career of an employee. Yes, it is HR’s responsibility to track employee performance and determine the time as when to promote or demote someone.

Some employees tend to go that extra mile when it comes to skyrocketing their career. Such stellar employees deserve a decent reward in the form of pay and position as well as the required training/guidance to move up on the career ladder.

It is the duty of management and HR to keep a tab on such employees and remunerate them appropriately and in time. Promoting someone up isn’t something that you would want to be slow at. In fact, as a manager or boss, one of your most critical jobs is to identify the next leader within your organization.

So how to tell when is the right time to promote someone? Here are 5 signs it’s time to promote an employee up:

     1. They are always on the lookout for new challenges and tasks

When employees seek out challenging projects and wind them up successfully, it is a clear indication to promote them up. Here, HR and project managers ought to leverage their past work and performance data to identify areas of improvement and strengths.

Here’s why businesses need to kill the stone-age practice of annual performance review.

     2. They exhibit excellent interpersonal skills

One can easily impart technical expertise and skills in a person, but interpersonal skill is something that is difficult to instill. So if you come across anyone in your office, who is a pro at handling workplace conflicts, providing feedback, or engaging with everyone, it’s a catch, as you have your new leader in front of you.

     3. They deal with setbacks in a mature way

When you see an employee, who honestly takes responsibility for a failed project or assignment, he/she is exhibiting a clear sign of becoming a great leader. The ability to deal with and handle hurdles or setbacks in a mature way is one of the biggest signs that you ought to promote that employee.

     4. They are excellent self-starter and learner

Stellar employees often drive their career ahead on their own. When such employees approach their bosses with a new proposal for a new responsibility and how they can add value to the organization, it is a big sign they are ready for promotion.

     5. They are more of ‘we’ than ‘me’

Often, the words a person uses bespeaks his focus and intentions. So the next time you are in a meeting with your employees, pay heed to how often and who uses the word ‘me’ and who uses the word ‘we’. Leading with ‘me’ is a clear sign of narcissism. Though it is not always a bad thing, the problem is when a person frequently turns every other conversation back onto himself, since it indicates a myopic mindset.


Long story short, if a particular employee has been successfully delivering positive and consistent results adding value to the business, that employee is proving his/her worth and deserves to be rewarded with a promotion.

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